Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Prayer Day 2 - Psalms 2 - Presidential Candidates

Heavenly Father,

I present myself to You as a living sacrifice.  In Your Presence is fullness of joy.  I come to Your great throne where mercy and grace are waiting.  I acknowledge You as God.  I acknowledge Jesus the Great High Priest.  I acknowledge the Holy Spirit, present with me to help me pray according to Your divine will.

Thank You for hearing us.  Thank You for being our very present Help in troubling times.  Your mercies are new every morning.  In faith I come to receive those mercies on this earth so that Your glory may be seen and heard throughout America.

I Timothy 3:8 commands me to pray wherever I am, lifting holy hands.  I Timothy 2:1 urges me to pray on behalf of all humanity, but especially for those in high places of authority.  Your desire is for us to be able to lead quiet, peaceful, reverent, godly and holy lives.  Your Word says this is what is good and acceptable to You.

Lord, we seek Your Face today for the leadership of America that they will be inspired to honor Your Word from I Timothy 2:1.  Psalms 2 reminds us that people without God are making plans to pursue their own vacant and empty greatness.  Leaders of nations have hearts that are plotting against You and Your people.

Lord, we call upon Your Name today to show these empty hearts what true godly fear is.  They need a warning that will wake them up.  You promised from Psalms 2:8 that those who belong to You will inherit the nations.  We seek for wise and godly men and women to administer justice and Truth over America.

We also seek for a true revival among the godly, to rise up and show the holiness of God in this dark time.  We take the whole armor of God and stand against satan.  We bind him from the affairs of me and command him to loose the souls of men and women in places of authority today.  We send Your Word, O  Lord, to the nations through prayer and bind chaos, rage, disrespect and spiritual deception.

Use us for Your glory, Father.  Be exalted in and through Your people as we keep our eyes fixed on You.  We believe today that You are able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can dare ask or think. 

In Jesus Name.