Tuesday, September 4, 2018

God’s Word On The Subject

Morning Glory...

What are you dealing with today?
A person?  A decision?  A serious spiritual or natural situation?
Whatever you may be facing in THIS day... God has THE Word on that subject.

In the Message Bible, Jeremiah 29:11,  God is addressing the current state of Israel’s affairs, which were very dire.  They were in exile and Elohim (the God and Creator, Judge of the universe) is speaking to His nation Whom He brought out of slavery in Egypt.  They had disobeyed Him and brought upon themselves this exile.  Yet, He had not abandoned them, but once again was showing mercy and loving kindness.  God IS good!

He speaks to them through Jeremiah the prophet and says, “As soon as Babylon’s seventy years are up and not a day before, I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home.  I know what I’m doing.  I have it all planned out - plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

As I read these timeless words today, I was so touched by ...”I know what I’m doing.”

Have we found ourselves in those...”I don’t know what I’m doing “...places in life and we cry out to God to show us the way?  I have many times.  And in turning to God’s Word and reading how He revealed Himself to Israel through all the journeys they went through; I also have found great comfort and peace.

Why?  It is simply knowing that God reveals His Character in His Name.  Elohim is combined with other words to provide additional description about God.   The plural form of “El” means Strong One.  God proved Himself strong for Israel time and time again.  He sent them His Word on every subject of life, both spiritually and naturally.

When Israel listened and obeyed, they prospered.  When they took those detours of self reliance and disobedience, well...they soon found out the consequences.  Now, I'm not saying that what you are going through is a direct result of some disobedience.    My focus today is upon the Word and the Name of God.  Whatever has brought you to the place you are in...God is ELOHIM...the Strong One...and He knows where you are and what He is doing.  

The enemy could be testing your faith in God's Word...he always does.  God, your Father, is also looking at your heart to see if you will trust His Word.  Will you trust today that God "knows what He is doing" and that He has plans that will take care of you and give you the future you are hoping for?

Trusting will bring peace.  Stay on the path of faith.  God is our strong and unfailing defense in all subjects of life.  He has the plan.  You and your loved ones are included.  Don't forget that today.  He will show Himself strong on the behalf of those who are His.   Just STAY on those unfailing promises and He will bring you through.

Loving Him and you,

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

To My Sisters in Christ


My Dear Sister in Christ,

The greatest Gift this world was given was Jesus.

You had this Gift waiting for you before you were ever born.

All of the world has this Gift in store for them.

Not all take the Gift.

Not all value the Gift.

Many never truly find out the blessings that come with this Gift.

Jesus came to give “knowledge”.

Knowledge of the Father.

Knowledge of His blood.

Knowledge of His Name.

Knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

Not all find out the riches of this knowledge.

Satan blocks many through fear, unbelief, condemnation and guilt.

He works to make sure that “unworthiness” becomes the strong-hold in many lives.

He brings the grave clothes of the past sins, failures, mistakes, regrets, and seeks to drape the souls (mind, will and emotions) of men and women daily in these filthy rags.

But, for those who “seek” to receive the knowledge of grace, mercy and faith through the Word of God; they obtain the key to freedom.

You must learn to “take” hold of God’s Truth for yourself.

No one else can do this for you.

You must learn to “value” the Gift of your salvation.

You must “find” the riches of Truth that has been designed by your Father to release blessing after blessing upon you.

Don’t let a fallen angel rob you.

He can only work through vain imaginations, lies and deceit.

Recognize his works.

Rebuke his thoughts.

Put God’s Word IN your mind and WALK in freedom today.

Your Big Sister…Charlotte

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Owning Your Life

Morning Glory...

Psalms 101:8..."Morning after morning, I will root up all the wicked in the land, that I may eliminate all the evildoers from the city of the Lord."

The Israel Bible states that this Psalm was a report from King David to God.  He was responsible to ensure justice and maintain the sacred character of Jerusalem so that the people could dwell safely within their land.  This entire Psalms is a lesson on how men should conduct the affairs of life both private and public.

The Benson Commentary states that the princes of the land should be the patrons of religion and virtue.  It was up to them to maintain the honor of laws, and to punish transgressors.  They were expected to consecrate a just portion of their time to public service and to promote the real happiness of the people of Jerusalem.  They were to be "patriot kings", honored of God and esteemed and beloved of men. (quote)

How wonderful this sounds!  To have rulers over you that would seek to be a benefit to an entire nation.  But, if you go back to the very first verses of Psalm 101, you will clearly see the pronoun "I".  It started with King David's heart.  He "owned" his responsibility, first to God, then to his personal life and actions, then to his lifestyle before others, and then to the nation of Israel.

How can we expect others to behave themselves wisely, if we do not "own" up to our own lifestyle, and take it under serious consideration before God?  The beauty of the anointed Word is this...the MORE you personally injest it; it begins to sift and cleanse and bring into focus the state of your own life.  It brings responsibility to its most crucial level, and that is personal accountability.

How can I expect punishment for others, and yet, let myself off the hook when it comes to thoughts, words or deeds that bring displeasure to the heart of my Father God?  How can I judge or criticize others transgressions when I justify mine?  Before God...I cannot.

To own my life is to take the highest responsibility over the spiritual, soulish and physical aspects and to daily go through the "land of my heart" and root up all that is wicked before God.  Oh,  I don't mean to be overly obsessed with looking for sin. But, to wait before God each day and let His Word come in and examine, expose, reveal, comfort and heal that part of me so that I can have the godly perspective and insight to benefit others.

Let us take from the lesson of Psalms 101 to seek to be "patriot kings", for are we not as believers called "kings and priests in the household of God"? (Revelation 1:6; Hebrews 4:6; I Peter 2:9).

Our prayer is for the Holy Spirit of God to help us maintain our private and public life that we will be known as "patrons of religion an virtue".  As King David reported to God, "I will walk within my house in integrity and with a blameless heart", let us also daily give our report to the One of Whom we bear His Name.

Loving Him and you,

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Are You Willing?

Morning Glory...

This morning the Lord asked me a question.
It was..."are you willing to love, even though you receive nothing in return?"

What prompted that question was the intense feelings of love that I have for my children and grandchildren.  This love I have felt has been both a blessing and a torment (at times).  Loving others can feel that way.

When we express love to someone in whatever form, we genuinely desire a response to that love.  It seems to validate the worthiness of what you have given.  But, when no response comes, we tend to feel as though what was given was not good enough, because if it had been, then surely that person would want to express their appreciation for it...right?

The question the Lord asked me this morning, was to help me examine my own intentions in giving love.  God's heart in giving is always just in the "joy" of the act.  He considers the one that He is giving to as precious in His sight.  John 3:16..."for God SO loved the world, that He gave...".  

Ephesians (my favorite book of the Bible) describes in detail the intense love that God loves with.  My understanding of that kind of love needs the inspiration and help of the Holy Spirit.  God loved spiritually dead people. People that could not even respond.  He gave His love in spite of their condition.

Our way of loving is to give, but..., if we don't get the proper response, we withhold from giving again.  We then mete out love to the more deserving.  But, to love God's way, then I must learn to just GIVE, even though, the object of my love may or may not even appreciate the heart that gave the love.

Only through a revelation of Ephesians and I Corinthians 13 will I walk in a "godly" love.  It's Source never fails.  Even when it is strained to the nth degree...it never fails.  I want to grow in this kind of love even though it can be scary.  This love demands a desire for the "best" of others even if they are currently living the "worst".

God's love does not compromise holiness, though.  It does not enter the sin of others in order to prove that love.  God's love sees beyond the sin, and places a preciousness on the receiver.

Love simply gives because of the joy of knowing the quality of the love that is being given.  I need to trust the Holy Spirit to take this amazing gift and pray for the one I am sending it to that they will recognize the true Source of this love...Jesus.

How shall I answer God's question to me?  "O, Lord, open the eyes of my understanding, reveal Your way of loving to me that I can walk in the experience of it for the blessing of others.  Thank You, for giving me the Holy Spirit to help me, teach me, and train me in this marvelous love that is revealed in Your Word."

Loving Him and you,

Thursday, June 8, 2017

What Should I Pray For You?

Morning Glory...

What should I pray for you?
There is only one thing that is truly more important than all others.
It is that the "eyes of your understanding" be enlightened.

About what?
When the heart truly, truly receives the understanding of how great the love of God is for them, and how it was through JESUS that that love was manifested, well, it is a life changer.

Jesus came by the Father's kind intent to change our lives.
He was filled with GOOD NEWS, and was under Heaven's direction to find each one of us so that we could HEAR what that GOOD NEWS would mean to us.

Jesus came in the flesh.
His flesh was crucified to take sin's punishment away from us.
When He left this earth, He sent Someone just like Him to carry on that GOOD NEWS telling.  The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit breathed upon men who sought after God.
He filled them with the GOOD NEWS and had them write down what they heard Him say.
In doing that, you and I, and all generations to come would not miss out on the love of God.

But, we need our hearts to open to this GOOD NEWS.
Each one of us needs to SEE for ourselves and HEAR for ourselves the great love that God loved us with.

So, what do I pray for you?
I pray your heart will be led to the Bible.
This Book of Books contains the thoughts and intents of the Father's heart towards YOU.
Oh, yes it is filled with all the ways humans have failed to understand God.

It is also filled with God's promises to each human born on this planet to show them grace and mercy for those failures.
It is filled with human witnesses that tasted for themselves the goodness and the wrath of God.

God has never hidden Truth from us.
We have hidden ourselves from Truth.
We have chosen to be ignorant of Him.
We have decided that God is not worth our time to get to know and understand.

People perish because of a lack of knowledge.
God desires you to KNOW and come out of ignorance about Him and His ways.

When was the last time YOU found time to open God's Thoughts...the Bible...and asked Him to speak to you?
He has given you time to spend any way you choose.

What do I pray for you?
That you will CHOOSE to spend time with God, and SEE and HEAR His Voice.

Loving Him and you,