Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nothing BUT the Blood Of Jesus

Morning Glory...

Ephesians 1:7             
In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace...

Remember the old hymn...."what can wash away my sin?  NOTHING but the blood of Jesus!"

Look at the above scripture...

Redemption came through the blood of Jesus.
Forgiveness came through the blood of Jesus.
Both came according to HIS GRACE...which is very rich!

Notice the word "have".
It is past tense with a present day result.
I don't have to go to God and ask Him TO forgive me anymore.
Not in that sense.

Forgiveness is waiting for me.
God released it through the blood of Jesus.
Should I sin, should I miss the mark, I HAVE an Advocate with the Father.  His Name...  J E S U S!!
I just have to go to Him.
I know what is waiting for me.
His pure and holy blood provided it FOR me.

His Names means...Savior.
When I call on that Name, I am calling upon a Name that is above every name.
God sent Himself in the likeness of human flesh to save ME.
Did He come to save you?
Yes!  But, you have to receive that grace THROUGH faith.

Redemption came through His blood!
To redeem something means that you regain possession of it.
But, a price must be paid.
The blood of Jesus was the currency (if you will) that God used to regain possession of what satan stole through trickery and deceit.

Satan wants to keep you under a sense of guilt and condemnation.
He wants to convince you that whatever you get from God is based on how good you are, how much you give, how religious your life can become. 
He wants to steer you clear of the Truth that says that all you receive from God is based on the blood of the Person of the Son.

Receive God's grace today.
God's love does not find its foundation in how right you get it.
God's love IS found and manifested in Jesus Christ and the fact that He did everything right in our place.

God is so good.
God is so in love with us.
God is so faithful.

Let this love fill you and free you.