Thursday, August 11, 2016

Excerpt from E.W. Kenyon..."In His Presence"

Morning Glory...

"What He Is To Us" 199

I have been thrilled lately by noticing the faith of Jesus.  He believed that He could redeem men if He became sin and suffered in their stead.
He believed that if He conquered Satan, that men would accept that victory as their own.
He believed that if He arose from the dead, that men would believe that He was the very Son of God.
He believed in the merits of His finished work; that men could stand in His Presence without condemnation.
He believed that He could take these old, broken, wrecked human beings and recreate them and make them the very sons and daughters of God.
He believed that He could take this wreck of a human that had been dominated by sickness and sin through the ages and make him a new creation; make him to dominate the devil and circumstances and make him master where he had served as a slave.
Jesus believed in Himself, in what He did.
He believed that men would respond to it and would accept it and would receive Eternal Life., the Nature of the Father.  They would then become worthy sons and daughters of God Almighty.
The Word can't lie.

(My question?  Do I believe He did this for me?  Do you believe He did this for you?)