Thursday, August 4, 2016

100 Days of Prayer - Day 4 - Psalms 4 - Presidential Candidates

Heavenly Father,

You command us to come boldly to Your throne room.
We say, Yes Lord, we will obey You.
Presenting ourselves as living sacrifices for Your glory, Your Kingdom and Your righteousness.

King David challenged his subjects in verse 2 with the question..."how long will you seek delusions and false gods?"  He brought Your Name before them and asked hard questions so that they would not stumble and fall.

Today, O God, let us ask hard questions of one another.  Iron sharpens iron, and Your people need sharpening in their hearts.  Those seeking to rule need sharpening in their hearts. 

People are seeking prosperity but from what source?
Your Name is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord WILL provide.  If we do  not seek You for what is necessary in this life, then we will begin to rely on men more than we do, and that is certain death. 

We bind satan today from the affairs of men.  We rebuke him in Jesus Name, and command all delusions and deceptions be lifted off the Nation of America.  Give blinding clarity to those who stand before the multitude asking for their trust.  Give them a deep sense of accountability at their words and actions.

Send forth holy angels, O Lord, to guard the righteous man and woman and flow in them so that their influence will be heard and felt in this nation.  Cause the words of the wicked to be stunted and twisted and to fall on deaf ears today.

Expose every evil plan that is formulated behind closed doors of darkness.  Bring them out into the light.  We bind spiritual blindness today from people's hearts and minds.  America, be loosed today from your enemies in Jesus Name!

Thank You for hearing us Lord.
Thank You for being with us.
Thank You for strengthening the resolve of godly men and women all over this nation today.
Thank You for showing Yourself MORE than enough for those who trust in You.

In Jesus Name.

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