Thursday, August 11, 2016

Prayer from Psalms 5 - Day 5 - Presidential Candidates

Heavenly Father....

We acknowledge You as King and  God, the One Who hears the sound of our cries and our faith.  You are so faithful to listen for us each morning.  As we prepare our prayers for You, we wait to hear You speak to our hearts.

Your covenant Word tells us that You take no pleasure in wickedness.  Boasters have no standing with You and You abhor those wo continually do evil.  Today, we ask that all those who seek to do evil by misusing their authority be found out, exposed and caused to be rejected.

There are so many untrustworthy men and women today, Lord, and we ask that they be held accountable, and that they fall by their own evil designs.  We place our trust in you and not in man.  You are our covering and will bless the righteous.

Your favor is our Shield, and we praise You for surrounding us today in America with Your goodwill.

We bind satan from the affairs of men, and in Your Name, Jesus, we rebuke the deceit that causes blindness in the souls of men.

In Your Name