Monday, May 11, 2015

Morning Glory...

Facing the "Real" of Life...

None of us enjoy trials.
Let's face that fact first.
Even the strongest of us would much rather that life goes on its way each day, allowing us to enjoy the blessings we have....
Unfortunately, this is not what most of us know as "real".

When the "real" things of life happen...the sudden illness, the loss of a job, the abandonment of close friends, the aging of our bodies, the shifts and changes of family life, the consequences of wrong choices, the unexpected that makes no sense, etc.,...we are then faced with a journey that can stretch into days, weeks, months and, worst case scenario, years.
We want out of it as quickly as possible.
We want to return to those days when the hardest decision we had to make was what to fix for dinner.
But, the "real" of this life is that it will not ever truly be like it was before.
This is what has to be FACED.
It is called...grief.
Grief is the emotional expression of the loss of something that gave us an identity, a place, a hope, a future, a direction in life, and when those roots are torn up, it leaves in its place a sense of vulnerability, unsteadiness, and a unsure future.
It is a dark place.
It is scary.
And we long to be free from the grip of its gnawing uncertainty.
We cannot go back to what was. We must face that.
We cannot stay where we are. There is no future in that.
We must reach out to the One Who "knows" the plans and purposes for our lives, and wrap our arms around His neck, and hold on to Him.
He will see us through.
His Voice you may not hear.
His workings you may not see.
But, He has provided a Book that is above all books.
He wrote His thoughts toward you and I in that Book.
It spans thousands of years and generations, and still holds true today.
It His words. And they will only be true to the one who chooses to believe them.
They will bring us out of the darkness.
They will soothe our wounded and trembling souls.
They will move us into restoration and healing.
They will stick closer to us than our own family.
They are words of the Spirit.
Words of Life.
Words that will give you and I a solid Rock to stand on.
They will give us the strength and courage to face the "real" of life.

Charlotte Roberts Fortier