Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Not Jehovah Band Aid

Morning  Glory...

How does God take what satan has meant for our harm and turn it around for our good?

His Word!

We have to learn to love His Word.  Yes, learn!  We have to gain an appreciation of the nature and character of the One  Who died for us.

In "Forgive and Remember", I share what I learned.  It was not overnight.  It required work. 

God rewarded that work.  Here is another excerpt...

Page 6...

"The Hebrew word for restore means to return or restore to a former condition, to make whole, to repair, and that is precisely what the Lord began to reveal to me through the act of "forgive and remember".  His name is not Jehovah-Band Aid.  He is the God, Whose healing powers, has never changed (Hebrews 13:8)"

God CURES us!  He sent Jesus to tells us His message.  We must go to the source of all healing in order to be healed.

Satan destroys.  Pure and simple.
God can restore what that evil entity has stolen.

LEARN this through God's Word.

Loving Him and you,