Friday, March 27, 2015

Morning Glory...

Just wanted to do a "repost" of a piece I wrote in November.  May it bless you.

Nov 4th - Thankful...


 Do I feel thankful always? No.

 Do I walk in the realization of God's grace always? No.

 Do I sometimes allow life's circumstances to speak louder than God's Word? Yes.

 Does my soul sometimes sink beneath the weight of problems and heartache? Yes.

 Do I always experience an easy fix to the trials that come my way? No.


 But, do I have a God Who knows the plans for my life? Yes.

 Do I have His unfailing promises to stand on even in the midst of the storm? Yes.

 Do I have living in me the Wonderful Holy Spirit of comfort, strength, hope and assurance? Yes.

 Do I have the choice daily to remember the latter instead of the former? Yes.


            Then, I am thankful.

Loving Him and you,