Sunday, March 29, 2015

Surly Dog

Morning Glory....

Surly Dog

I once was threatened by a vicious dog.
I was out, taking a walk, and as I rounded this corner, heading home, I heard this menacing growl.
Looking to my left, there he was, crouched in the corner of this yard....

I was about a block and a half from home, from safety.

I looked at that surly dog.
That surly dog looked at me.
His head went down, and I heard this low, deep growl emanating from him.

I had no stick.
Nothing to defend myself with.
He began to approach me.
I could see "my" corner over his head.

I felt the threat of this large dog.
I felt the fear, the being "trapped", the "no way out" feeling.
I stopped.

All of a sudden, my arm came up, and my hand faced out toward that dog.
Out of my mouth came..."I command you to stop in the Name of Jesus!"
Courage flooded my soul. The dog stopped.
I kept speaking. I said..."You stay right where you are. Don't' you move. Did you hear me? Stay where you are!"

As I moved to the right of that dog, his eyes never left me.
But, he stayed still.
I kept repeating the above words, never taking my eyes off that dog.

I slowly inched completely around that dog.
I walked backwards toward my corner, and when the distance between us was lengthy, I took off running. When I reached my house, I looked back.
There was no dog.

Is satan threatening you? You speak to that surly dog.
You speak to him in the Name of Jesus!
You tell him to stop. You tell him to stay where he is.
You command his moves against you to be stilled.
Don't let your guard down. Jesus has your back!

You're victory is right around the corner. 
Loving Him and you,Charlotte Roberts Fortier