Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"A Praise Phrase for Every Need"

Morning Glory...

Do you know that there is a "Praise Phrase" for every need?  What's a Praise Phrase?  Well, as I was using the praises of David from the Book of Psalms yesterday, I realized how wonderful my God is, that He used the victories of others to put in an eternal book, that I can use today!!!

David praised God for every need.  Oh, yes, David failed many times, but he always returned to God no matter how great the failure.  God even called David..."the apple of My eye".  Why?  Because David knew God.  Now, he was not born again as the New Testament saint is, but his faith could outshine any of us today!!

I've been learning so much lately from Dr. Bill Winston and Andrew Wommack on this subject.   Of course, what they learned is straight from Scripture.  I decided yesterday to go back through the Psalms on my own, and start digging for "Praise Phrases"; to record them on my Iphone, in my own voice, in order to listen for more revelation.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing.  The continuous influence of God's Promises upon our souls creates a heavenly transformation.  God's Word is God's Voice.  As I yield my time, my mind, and my will to listen to what He has to say...a permanent change takes place in my heart.  If I open the front door to God...well, all that is currently in my heart that does not line up to His Word,  has to go out the back door!

Let me start with Psalms 1.  It was this scripture that God revealed to me in the late 1970's, as the plan He had for my husband.  Herb at that time was bound by this world, but God had already made a way for his freedom.  God gave me His Word, told me that I would have a husband like this, and I believed it.  It came to pass.

So, let me give a Praise Phrase from it.  Write it down for your son, grandson, nephew, father, grandfather, "future" husband, uncle, cousin...whoever!  Just remember that God set this in motion before they were ever born.  He is waiting for you to BELIEVE this for them, speak it out in faith, hold to it in spite of all you see or feel, and rejoice over it daily as God works this out!! Ok?  Ready??  Your agreement is the most important thing.  Don't agree by feelings!  Resolve in your heart that this is the Truth...and STICK TO IT!!

Psalms 1:2..."Lord, I praise You that my __________________________________, delights and desires Your law, and on Your law, Your teachings, Your instructions does __________________
meditates (ponders and studies) by day and by night.  And ____________________________ shall be like a firmly planted tree, by streams of living water, who is ready to bring forth their fruit, whose leaf will not fade or wither, and everything he does shall prosper and come to  maturity!"  "I call ___________________________ a godly, prosperous, and fruitful man.  I speak Your Word over them, believing that You are working to complete this in their lives.  Thank You, Lord!"

God sees your loved one like this.  He is asking you to get the natural out of your sight, and put the supernatural in its place.  That can only be done THROUGH the most powerful source that has ever existed...God's Word!  God, in heaven, SEES this for this man!  He needs someone on this earth to SEE AND AGREE!  That's you and me!

So...start praising, expecting and receiving God's best today.  His Word will not return unto Him void!

Glory to His Name,

Caution!!  It ain't gonna happen overnight!  Ok?  So...dig your faith heels in, and stay planted!