Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Take Off the Harness"

Morning Glory...

This morning I was talking to a dear friend.
They had been struggling with another person, and I
could tell that they were grieved over how they felt towards them.
I shared with them that I had just recently gone through a
similar trial, and like them, just felt bad inside.  I mentioned that
the Lord had counseled me just to do my part in seeking
forgiveness, and that I had to let the other person
have time to do the same.
Being under the disapproval of anyone is hard.
I hate it.
Most of us struggle longer than necessary about such things,
because we keep mulling over and over in our hearts
about the different things we could do or say that might cause
that person to treat us better.
As I talked to this friend, I saw two horses in front of a wagon.
The wagon was loaded with cargo made up of unforgiveness,
bitterness, remembered wrongs, held onto offenses, and stacks of refusals to obey the Lord.
I felt impressed to tell this friend of mine...take off that harness.
If that other person wants to keep it on, and keep pulling
that heavy load, let them.  But, you, take off the harness,
and those fleshly burdens.
Are you doing the same today?
Are you trying to figure out the why's and if's of others lives?
You need to stop.
Just do what the Lord tells you to do, and take off the
harness of other's expectations.
Do what is necessary to forgive!
Do what is necessary to show love!
Do what you can to foster peace!
Do YOUR part!
You can't do theirs.
Don't try to pull your weight and their weight.
Unload your burden at God's throne room of grace.
Seek God's blessing for those that have wronged you.
Pray earnestly for their eyes of their understanding to be enlightened.
Now...lift up your heart and begin to praise God for
your freedom.  Don't take back the burden!  Guard your
heart and do not allow anything to enter that will try to steal
your peace.
You've done what Jesus has asked you to do.
Loving Him and you,