Friday, August 1, 2014

The Stain

Morning Glory...

You put on that lovely, clean blouse, start to button it, look in the mirror and there it is....a stain!  But, it was just washed!!  So off it goes again into the laundry bin for you to tackle that stain.  After applying a special stain remover, crossing your fingers, and lifting up is sent through the wash cycle one more time.  Then, on to the dryer for final judgment.  You open the dryer, pull out the blouse, hold it up to the light, and inspect every inch of it for THAT stain.  Whew!!  It's gone!!

1 John 1:9                               
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Jesus, the Savior of the world, took upon Himself the stain of sin.  Religion tried to wash it with good works, holy actions, sacrificing animals, abstaining from certain foods, going to church, reading the Bible, prayer, fasting...shall I go on?  Many of those things are good for the body and soul, but sin was a spiritual problem, and all of those outward works could not go deep enough to resurrect the dead spirit of man.

You see, after Adam and Eve sinned, their physical bodies did not die right away.  It took hundreds of years for their spiritual rebellion to have the dastardly effect upon their bodies.  Now, their souls felt the immediate result because they hid from God, suffered guilt, was driven from Eden,  their son Cain slew their other son, Able, and they entered a world that God never planned for them.

The stain of sin followed them and their generations (me and you), and year after year peoples and nations suffered under the blood-thirsty appetite that it demands until Someone came to offer a pure and holy solution.  God prepared a body to be sacrificed that contained untainted blood.  Jesus took that body upon Himself, wore it on this earth to show the way Adam was to truly live.  He then took that body and received sin's stain once and for all. 

That body of sin was then offered on the altar of the cross for you and I.  Jesus gladly laid His life down.  His intense love for us led Him there to pay that ultimate, holy price.   Sin was nailed to the cross.  The blood of Jesus flowed from His body to cleanse its damning curse.  The world was redeemed!

Now, the dead spirits of men, who were cut off from God due to sin, could now be BORN AGAIN!  They could now become the habitation of God in that place He created.  The bodies and souls of men who would still face temptation on this earth, had within them now the mighty Godhead, and Their Presence would be the power that would be drawn upon to overcome every wile and deceit of the wicked one!! Hallelujah!!

If I stain a piece of clothing, and yet know that I have something already at hand to cleanse that stain, then I will not be dismayed nor grieved by its possible destruction.  I will rush to apply the solution before the stain sets too deep.

Child of God or if you do not know God...the solution for EVERY sin is Who to run to.  Whether you need to be born again or whether you have had some type of condemnation on to Jesus.  He has the solution.  It is waiting for your heart.  The Holy Spirit will apply it.  Sin is no problem to Jesus.  He took care of it ONCE and FOR ALL! 

He is here to take care of you!  He forgives AND cleanses.  Every time.  Every time. Every time!!!
Holy blood believed and received by grace through faith, will cleanse and pardon every sin.  Then continue to read more about this Wonderful Person called Jesus, and find out that He did all of this for you BEFORE the foundations of the world.

Romans 5:8          
 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
Loved can't get more loved than this!!   Just as you would have a solution on hand to meet life's emergencies, God HAD a Solution for our sin-stained hearts.  He is not appalled at your sin!  He has and was and is ever ready to be our Stain Remover!!!
Loving Him and you,