Friday, September 26, 2014

Be A Compassionate Soul for Christ Jesus

Morning Glory...

Oh, the compassion of God, and oh, how His church needs to be revived by it.  Satan sets us up to sit on a throne of criticism, pride, haughtiness, and self-exalted opinion within our church families.

Pastors controlled by the flesh of their congregations, saints staying away from church, rather than fighting FOR God's church, and people bruised and wounded and weeping in the dark because they cannot trust their brothers and sisters in Christ with their hurts.

Where is the compassion of God IN the saint?

Do we lower godly standards because people are hurting?  No.  We take those godly standards and learn from the Holy Spirit how to wrap them in the love of Christ in order that that hurting saint can be awakened, renewed, and brought back to spiritual health and fellowship.

My soul hurts!  Not only have my husband and I have been wounded in this spiritual war that is in a state of continual assault upon our walk of faith, but as pastors, we see satan using brother against brother, sister against sister, and the lack of true spiritual discernment that all churches are in such deep need of in order to be victorious.

We need souls of compassion and strength!  We need souls that are so secure in Christ that we can embrace the hurting without lowering the holy standards of the Gospel.  We need helpers and workers in the Church that can look upon that struggling saint, and not add to their burden, but come alongside as an agent of grace, and build up that one to be a healthy part of Christ's Body.

We need to truly know the compassion of God FOR each other, for this world, and for His Church.  We need strong warriors, who have victoriously overcome the enemy, and have not been rendered bitter and estranged from the household of God.  We need those who "see" beyond the smoke of battle, and will keep reaching for that high calling that is in Christ Jesus.

Forgive.  Use that holy weapon today.  Believe the best "of" and "for" your brother and sister in Christ.  God does.  Use that holy weapon today.  Guard your hearts and minds with Truth.  Rebuke those slithery, evil thoughts that entice you to entertain critical, judgmental and condemning thoughts about others.

Believe God for all!  He is the Author and the Finisher of all that He has begun in His people.  Be strong enough to resist the enemy in your thoughts and actions that would weaken the Body of Christ. 

Lift God's love above all, and seek first His Kingdom and His Right Way of behaving and doing!

Be His Ambassador today in all things.  Bring Him glory for a good day's work of grace, love and compassion.  He has crowned you with compassion and mercy!!  Can you not wear that lovely, heavenly piece of His glory for others to see???

Be a Compassionate Soul!

Loving Him and you,