Monday, July 28, 2014

"UNITY"...A Buzzword for Personal Use

Morning Glory...

A couple of weeks ago, I and another friend, made a decision to enter into a lifestyle of "no complaining".  We first agreed for twenty four hours, and then decided to stretch ourselves even further.  Now this has been most challenging due to the fact that within a few seconds of making that decision, many, many opportunities have presented themselves to do the opposite.

I want to share my heart today about a 'buzz" word that many churches have adopted which sounds pious, religious and yet has as much substance as cotton candy.  This may sound like complaining, but it is more of an observation based on the circumstances that have been presented.  It is "unity".  Oh, I am not going into a long theological discussion of this.  It is a waste of time.  Jesus very clearly stated that you would know any Christian by their "fruit".  In other words, what is in the root system will manifest on the branches.  

In the region that I live in, this buzz word of "unity" is thrown around like birdseed.  It is issued forth whenever a particular group wants to rally involvement in their favorite event.

I have noticed, though, that this definition of unity only applies for the special events of others and what they feel comfortable in attending.  If they are asked to venture into any realm where they are not the ones in control or the ones who have not initiated the meeting, well, you will not find them there.  But, should their next meeting or event come around, you can be sure you will find the word "unity" in their description.

No one enjoys being manipulated.  It leaves a sickening feeling in the soul.  If Christians are going to have any impact upon this world, then they will have to stop using the word "unity" for their own personal use.  Either we will learn to support each other in the local churches where the Gospel is to issue forth, or we will continue throwing that word around for the world to deride.

If this is offensive, then maybe we should all stop and check the definition of "unity" that we hang onto in our hearts.  Oh, and if it sounds like complaining...well, forgive my failure!

Loving Him above all others,