Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Commitment Renewed

Morning Glory...

I have not posted on my blog for a "spell", as they say in the south.
I have posted on Facebook, etc., but have not kept my commitment to this blog.
I started this blog to express my faith in Jesus Christ, and to encourage others in their walk .
Words are powerful, and to put them before others is very serious to me.
I want them to have a godly effect upon those who read them.
The past few months as life has shifted and changed, I have found that the
original desire for this blog has also shifted and changed.
It must be take on more spiritual weightiness, if you know what I mean.
The words must be more of an expression of deep water.
As I seek to share His glory, I pray it will revive the hearts of others.
He has proven to me in the last few months that only His Word
can bring about the depth of change we all seek.
He gave me another way to express His heart and that is in
"Keywords for the Day".
Word definitions are so needed at times in order to expand our understanding.
I will add another page to this blog by that title.
I've posted many on Facebook, and will share them with you, also.
For those who have followed me, thank you.
My renewed commitment to the Lord and you is to pour out what He pours in.
The Holy Spirit always has a fresh, new word of grace for our lives.
I will seek to post daily as life allows.
Loving Him and you,