Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Sinful Who Judge God


Morning Glory...

We live in an age where the voice of the unrighteous are crying out "unfair"!  They lift their fists at those who stand on the truths found in God's Word, and demand that they not be "judged" by someone else's standards.

And yet, they fail to see that they are the ones who are judging.  In Romans 3:4 we read..."let God be found true though every human being is false and a liar, as it is written, That You may be justified and shown to be upright in what You say, and prevail when YOU ARE JUDGED (BY SINFUL MEN).
Psalms 51:4 (all emphasis mine).

Every heart that is living today has placed their judgment (opinions, determinations) upon God.  And God allows that.  What an amazing God!  When so many cry out in judgment, in anger, and in rebellion towards Him, demanding that He answer to them!!  Oh, the stupidity of the carnal heart.

God Who gave His only Son.  God, Who demonstrated His kindness towards us that while we were dead in our sins, He loved us!  God Who poured His wrath upon His sinless Son in order to manifest mercy and grace to a lost and dying world...and we JUDGE Him!

One cannot find God true without first finding true knowledge of Him.  If one thinks they are wise, then they will search the scriptures to find out the character of God.  They will not allow the opinions of others to sway them.  They will put no trust in another man's interpretation of God.

Romans 3:22 declares that only those who put their personal trust and confidence in Jesus Christ will know the righteousness of God.  God is Personal.  God approaches each human on a personal level.  Jesus died for "my" personal sins and for yours.  It takes a personal approach to God to know Him.

God allows each human to look at Him, and then "judge" or make their own decision regarding Who He is, what He has done, and His works of righteousness, mercy and grace.  He ALLOWS you and I to appraise Him and either accept or reject what we have discovered about Him.  He forces Himself on no one.

Sinful men are judging God today.  Those who do not want to stop sinning are judging God.  They are refusing to accept what He says about sin.  They love their sin, and want to live in it.  God loves them enough to allow them to have their own way.  This is not what He desires for them, but He will stand by His Word to give every man, woman and child the freedom to choose either life or death.

If you are living in sin today, just remember, that it is your choice.  Don't be mad at God when the drugs, alcohol, sex, cheating, lying, anger, jealousy, or other sins bring ruin or destruction upon your life.  You judged God's Word and refused it.  His mercy, though, is still reaching out to you. He is still loving you, and pouring out His grace to save you. 

Let God be true!  That is the choice before you and I today.  To let God be true is to let His Word be true.  When you let His Word be true, you will find Him faithful, forgiving, strong, loving, and merciful.  If you let sin be true...well...then sin will prove itself to you, also.

Will be counted among the sinful who judge God?  I pray not!  May you be found among those who put their trust in Jesus Christ, Who was sent to bring salvation and redemption to those who will believe in Him.

One Who Once Judged Him,