Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Light of Grace

Morning Glory...

Into the darkness, the Light of Grace beamed.
A message of hope, all man had been redeemed.
The Baby born, the Message given
Salvation has come, bondage is broken!
Angels and shepherds immersed in the sight,
God's Holy Lamb, was born that night.
The Promise revealed, Heaven's Door opened,
All men accepted, Love of God given.
Rejoice and give praise, inhabitants of earth,
God is revealed, through the Christ Child's birth,
No more condemned, no more forsaken,
God has poured out; heart now awaken!
by Charlotte Fortier
Jesus came not to condemn the world, but to save.
Jesus came not to shame us, but to cleanse us.
Jesus came not to point out our failings, but to point us to the Cross.
Let God's grace draw you near in holy memory of His greatest expression
of giving...the  Gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, Merciful, Loving,
Faithful and True God!