Monday, December 9, 2013

Purposed by God

Morning Glory...

One morning last week, I awoke to a question being asked of me.
The question was..."What is your purpose for getting up?"
I lay there for a moment, trying to wake up, and wrap my mind around the question.
I first human response was..."to have a cup of coffee".
The question persisted, and I realized that Someone was asking a much deeper question, that demanded a much more intelligent answer.

I lay there thinking on how to respond, when I realized that there was only one real purpose to my life, and that was to please my Father God.  I began to answer Him in my heart, and have from that day sought to affix the real purposes for living in my mind before I arise.

Since that morning, that same question has greeted me, and instead of ignoring it, I have made the decision to answer it with thoughtful and meaningful answers.  This morning as I awakened to hearing the question, I decided to share some of those purposes with you, hoping to inspire you to see that, indeed, there is so much more purpose to your life than "a cup of coffee", "going to work", "cleaning house", etc.

My purpose is:

1.  To please my Father God.
2.  To seek every way to fulfill the plans and purposes He has for my life.
3.  To write, speak, and show in every opportunity what the Good News of the Gospel is to
     every person I encounter.
4.  To remember diligently that I have a call of God upon my life, that He is the One Who
      "called" me, and it is to Him that I must answer.
5.  To love the Lord, my God, with all of my heart, mind, and strength.
6.  To rise up each day expecting to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
     (Psalms 27:13)
7.  To bless the Lord at all times, to endeavor to remember all of His benefits of grace,
    whether it be the glory of my salvation, the healing of my body, the supply of every need,
    the renewing of my youth, or whatever thousands of blessings that is revealed in His
    covenant with me.
8.  To forgive others as I have been forgiven.
9.  To rejoice in the day He has given to me, and not waste it on ungodly sorrow, depression,
     self-pity, laziness, or any sin of the flesh or feelings.
10.  To stay in a place of faith, that I might receive continually of His goodness, that I may
     show this world, that I live, and move and have my being in the Faithful and True God.
11.  To believe in the One Whom He has sent, that you may do the greater works.
12.  To be am Ambassador for Christ in this foreign land.
13.  To be ready in season and out of season to give a good word to those that require it of
14.  To pick up your cross and follow after the example of your Crucified Lord.
15.  To seek those who have been deceived, lied to, and held captive, that they may know
       the love of God in Christ Jesus.

O, there is much, much more that I could write, for as I do, they began to flow, and I could fill pages with God's purposes for my life.  I challenge you today to began your on holy list
of divine purposes that God has for you.  Maybe it has been awhile since you allowed your mind the freedom to truly think upon those things which are lovely and of a good report.

Find some time today to sit quietly before God, and began to meditate upon His purposes.  Look up the definition.  Write it down.  Began to search the scriptures for that inspired revelation.  Be FILLED with the knowledge of His purpose for you.  Fight to keep it in your heart.  Do not let criticism, jealousy of others, satan's accusations,  your own "self-talk" (as Dr. Phil would say), stay planted in your mind. 

Instead, fill your mind with the "good" thoughts of God's love for you, in you, and what He desires to do through you.  Turn away from everything that would distract you.  Again, I repeat, turn away from EVERYTHING that would distract you, for there will be many.  God will speak to you.   His grace is an unending flow from His heart to you and I.

Guard your thoughts today.  Ask the Holy Spirit for His help with discerning what is of God, what is of the flesh, and what is of the devil.  He WILL, for He IS the Mighty Helper.

And, above all, LOVE God.  Spend time today loving Him in thought, word, and deed.  Release your love for Him in worship, praise, and adoration.  Don't be intimidated to do so. How He longs for us to simply obey this magnificent act, that we might realize more of His Presence.  His Name...Emmanuel...God with us. 

Loving Him and you,