Thursday, December 5, 2013

What Is Your Answer?

Morning Glory!
If I gave you My riches in glory,
and you could have every heart's desire,
would you love Me for meeting your every need,
or would you only want for more?
If I wiped away all your troubles
and you became worry free,
would you praise Me for taking all your care,
or would you worry at what might be?
If I healed your body immediately,
and brought relief to all your pain,
would you learn to trust Me for all things,
or would you let doubt rise up again?
If I sent myriads of holy angels,
and opened your eyes to see,
would you believe that My power is sufficient,
or would you turn away in unbelief?
You can know the answers
to the questions asked above.
For all I've done is recorded,
in my Father's Faithful Word.
Trust in Me with all your heart,
and lean not on what you know,
but learn to believe in Eternal Truth,
that will strengthen your faith to grow.
Do not seek in outward signs,
For they will suddenly flee away.
Learn to abide in the words I speak,
Rest your soul in Me today.
Loving Him and you,