Monday, December 2, 2013

What Pleases God

Morning Glory...

The Lord has been impressing upon my heart, that I need to return to a more dedicated and consistent time of worship and prayer.  We all know that we need this.  I do.  This morning as I opened Romans 12 to prepare my "self" for the task ahead, I used the New English Bible to use as my guide to prayer.

Most of us have come to realize that by using a different translation, we receive new insights into God's Word, and that "enlightens the eyes of our understanding".  I want to share what I discovered this morning from this passage of scripture.

This past few weeks I have had the privilege of teaching in our Sunday morning services.  We have been studying the "character" of the born again believer.  Many times we are told how we are to behave, and not given enough instruction as to Whose Character we have actually received.  We try to conform our behavior outwardly in an attempt to please God, but fail to grasp the truth, that He gave us HIS nature, and it is from that pure source that our outward behavior is to manifest.

Romans 12 clearly defines the way a believer is to conduct himself.  The beginning sentence instructs us to first view the mercy of God so that we can be known as "living sacrifices.  When we understand God's mercy, we are changed inwardly.  You must read the previous chapter to fully grasp what is being taught in chapter twelve, but as you do, you will see the mercy of God preached by Paul that reveals His true character of faithfulness and love to not only Israel but to the Gentile nations.

Obeying God out of fear of judgement  is not the obedience He is seeking from us.  He desires that we understand His heart of love, and as we grow in that knowledge, then our obedience will be a delightful experience.  Jesus said, "I DELIGHT to do Your will, O God!".  This should be the right attitude that we should be having.

I honestly admit my own struggles at time to have the loving desire toward spiritual exercises.  The desires fluctuate according to the time spent either with the Lord, or in the pleasures and demands of life.  It is, at times, a great source of grief.  It is, at times, a tremendous source of joy.  What is the factor that determines what state I am in is the choices I make on a daily basis to either be seeking to please the Lord, or seeking to please my "selfish" pleasure.

In Mark 4 :24, Jesus warned His disciples about the "measure" that you give to something.  He said, "...the measure you give is the measure you will receive, with something more besides...".  We need to heed this.  More of God, more of His wisdom, more of His Voice, more of His Presence requires that I give a greater measure of my time to Him.  I know that He gives so much more than I could ever hope to receive.  I need to measure or weigh or portion my time in such a manner that I place myself in the position to receive all He desires to give to me.

This month, I have (by God's grace), determined to portion my time towards more spiritual matters.  Our world, our homes, our personal lives, and more so, our spiritual lives are in great need of God's holy guidance and counsel.  I need this.  So do you.

Won't you join me this month in finding out what pleases God?  Begin with Romans 12, and faithfully read and study its message daily.  Let the Word of  God wash your soul, renew your spiritual strength, and take you into a deeper place in Him.

Loving Him and you,