Sunday, August 18, 2013

Powered by the Son


Morning Glory...

In my dining room window, I have a white, plastic daisy that becomes motivated when the sun touches it.  It is dormant until the little "solar" unit inside heats up, and then it rocks gently back and forth.  It is now 5:59AM, and I am watching it begin to move ever so slightly.  The light is still dim, but the little flower is already being affected by solar rays.
It makes me think of my spiritual life.  There is a connection in me to God, which is my born again spirit.  It was created by His Word, sustained by His Word, and caused to move as His Word illuminates or "shines" within me.  Just like the little plastic flower will move more rapidly as the sun shines brighter upon it, so shall I be quickened with life as God's  Word is received into my heart.
As the soft breeze of the morning comes through the window, the little plastic flower is also affected.  That breeze is like the Holy Spirit Who breathes God's Life within us; ever present to assure us of His continual work of grace.  Just as Adam's body lie dormant until God breathed the breath of lives within him, creating spirit and soul, so do I lie dormant to God, until I receive His breath of life; my born again spirit.
Every moment spent in  God's living Word causes a quickening in the soul of the believer.  The divine connection of my spirit with His Spirit is the vital link that sends forth His Life into my mind, will, and emotions.  I can be born again, and yet be "dormant" in my understanding of Him.  The light that my natural mind needs to know and understand God, comes from His Word. 
Just as that little plastic flower cannot move on its on without the solar connection receiving energy from the sun, neither can I move out confidently in faith without receiving the divine energy that comes from the Son. 
The little flower patiently sits in the window waiting for the sun to move her.  This is not God's plan for the believer.  We are to "seek" Him.  We are to come to the Son, through the Word of  God, and trust the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of our understanding.  He will fill us with supernatural light!
Have a Son-Blessed Day!  Don't sit and wait!  Seek and be filled with His glory!!
Loving Him and you,