Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God's Love and Time

Morning Glory!!

I am sitting in my dining room, looking out the window, and thinking.  Herb recently purchased a new-to-me laptop, and it affords me the joy of writing where the natural sunlight streams through the window.  I was browsing through websites this morning, in search of pictures of morning glories.  I am still waiting for mine to bloomed.
     My two dogs, Sweetie and Bear, are faithfully tangled up around my feet as I sit and enjoy the morning.  The house is quiet, and the critiqued pages of my book, Forgive and Remember, are open next to me.  I am working diligently to complete this project. 
     Someone asked me on Sunday why did God take so long to send Jesus to this earth as Savior.  I asked God that question many years ago.  Why didn't Jesus come the second that Adam and Eve sinned?  Why did so many millions die and go to hell before the Messiah was born?
     The answer He gave me was very simple.  It was the unbelievable power of the mind of man.  No one knows how horribly stunned those two human beings were when they realized the gravity of the sin they committed.  We do know that they hid from God.  This gives us a clue to how all humans respond to God's holy Presence.  In, the Gospel of Luke, there is a scripture that says "men loved the darkness rather than the light".
     When you allow a person the time to figure out what they need; time is involved.  God promised Eve that her "seed" would produce the Messiah.  But, from the very beginning, God did not overstep nor overreach the will of the human beings He formed.  Each man and woman born on this earth is given time to seek the knowledge,  that they need Someone greater than themselves.
     Parents realize that with their own children.  I have.  It tears at your soul to see your children making choices that may eventually hurt or even destroy them.  You have to let them choose for themselves.  I knew of a blessed evangelist whose son committed suicide.  And, yet, I have drawn from this man's teachings for my own growth and maturity.  Is the father responsible?  No.
     We do know there is a devil.  He seeks to kill, steal, and destroy.  He twisted the truth to Eve, captured her will, and manipulated her choices.  He still operates that way today.  Millions still die and go to hell because of a twisted truth wrapped up in a holy sounding religion.
     God did not stop pursuing Adam and Eve, even after their treason.  He had a plan in place, ready to help them.  Guilt and fear are vicious taskmasters.  They hound a person's mind to keep God's glory from reaching them.  Only God's Word, entering into the mind of man, produces the power, light, and strength to set the captive free.
     The content of my book began thirteen years ago.  The writing of it began three years ago.  Why so long?  Well, in my mind, thoughts came that it was not worth anyone's attention.  I struggled with deep intimidation for years; feeling very incapable of putting my words on paper.  What changed?  I began to spend more time in God's Word, receiving His thoughts, and they began to create courage and determination in me.
     In about a month, I will hold my book in my hands.  Do I still feel intimidated?  Yes, I do.  But, what has changed in my heart is the knowledge, that the God Who loved me and died for me, gave me a way to take past failures and mistakes, and turn them around to be a blessing to someone else. 
     He will do that for you, too!  He is still pursuing you.  His love for you is not stopped by what you have done.  His love has taken that upon Himself, so that you can have a new life.  He then goes on to restore your soul, so that Satan cannot continue to torment you.
     He gives you time to realize you need Someone greater than you!  The clock is ticking!

Loving Him and you,