Thursday, August 8, 2013

Even the Dishes!

Morning Glory!!

The last few days have been a battle!  My mind has been consumed with completing my book, and it has been rather hit and miss.  Most of the time I can multi-task with the best of them, but when it   comes to writing...I have to focus. 

     This morning as I prepared for the day, I struggled with bringing my mind to focus upon what were the necessary things to do before I could sit down and write.  I began to speak out what my intentions were to help my mind be directed. 

     First, I began to acknowledge the.Lord's Presence.  Proverbs 3:5-6 is always a good pointer for me.  It encourages me and you in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

     I started by thanking Him for being with me.  I have learned to believe that precious truth.  It does not matter what I am feeling.  God's Word, written in the Book of Joshua, is my assurance, that He goes with me wherever I go.  Even doing dishes?  Yes, even dishes.  The seemingly mundane tasks of life can become holy when you realize Who lives in you.

     I continued by speaking to my "self".  I told Charlotte to just do what needed to be done, and not to analyze the task.  When I have something I really want to do; I can talk myself out of doing what needs to be done.  But, today, I looked at the clock, gave myself so much time to do the daily chores, and within that span of time, I completed them. 

     I continued to thank God for the details of each task.  I thanked Him for hot water, dish soap, a home to clean, a window to look out as I worked, and dishes to clean.  I asked Him to forgive my complaining heart, and I told Him I would work on being more thankful.

     I hate feeling resentful.  Don't you?  It such a weak feeling, and it zaps the energy from your heart.  And besides, what is it that is so terrible in my life that makes me feel this way?  Oh, life is not perfect  - never is and never will be.  Dishes are dishes!  Work is work!  God is God!!

     So, now I'm writing.  God is with me in this, also.  He patiently and lovingly gives me the strength, wisdom, and commitment I need to stay focused.  He will do that for you also.  What we need to do is take the time to acknowledge Him AS we are going throughout the day.  Don't wait until you feel like doing this.  Take a "trust break" throughout your day.

     Stop whatever you are doing, and just thank the Lord for being with you.  The more you practice this, you will realize more peace.  Just like the nourishment of your body, that needs sustenance throughout the day, do does your soul need the sustenance that comes from spending "little" moments throughout your day; thanking Him for being with you.  Even as you do the dishes!!!

God bless your...moments!!

Loving Him and you,