Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Godly Grandma Sandwich

Morning Glory!!!

On Thursday, August 1st, I have an opportunity to share my Christian testimony.  For those of you who may not know what that is, it is the personal experience a person has had with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Mine began in 1957.

I will be taking with me my childhood Bible I received when I accepted the Lord into my heart.  This took place in Forney, TX, in the Sunday School class that my maternal grandmother taught.  Her name...Mama Townsend!

Secondly, I will be taking the Bible I clutched in my arms when Jesus "found" me again in 1977.  It is the Bible my paternal grandmother had....Grandma Roberts.

I will also take the Bible that I began voraciously reading when my life once again and forever was yielded to Christ Scofield Bible.

I will also take the first Amplified Bible given to me by my best friend, Charlotte Callahan.  It is very "used", but every page is precious to me, as they all are.

These Bibles represent faith.  I was "sandwiched" in between two women who loved their God, and glory to His Name...they loved me.  I wonder what they would think now about me?  Texans have a saying that just about sums it all up when they say..."I'm so proud FOR you"! 

It means that what you are doing or are is a delight to that person who is witnessing your accomplishments or life.  A recent classmate said that to me on Facebook, and I had not heard that phrase in a very long time.  It is the highest praise you can give.

Mama Townsend and Grandma Roberts...I'm so proud FOR you!  You lived lives that may not have made the front pages of any paper, but you left your godly footprints in my heart.  You helped prepare my heart to find Jesus Christ by your love and devotion to God and to family.

It will give me great joy to "testify" about you, about Jesus, and about those treasured Bibles I hold in my hands.  I wish you could hear what I will get to say tomorrow.  Ask the Lord to turn up the amplifiers in heaven!

Loving Him and you,