Monday, August 12, 2013


Morning Glory,

This morning, as I sat down to pray, I had several heavy issues on my heart.  One, was the treatment I received from some Christian brothers and sisters.  They seem to be the most difficult to bear, other than from your natural family.

     I have several prayer books that I use on occasion, when I find it hard to formulate my own thoughts.  Today, out of Prayers that Prevail, I found comforting words that helped me to address the treatment I received, and to get back onto God's level of grace towards them.

It was written in this book this passage which I pass on to you:

As I continue in prayer, Lord, I realize that there are those who have something against me.  Reveal to me every relationship in my life where problems exist between me and another.  Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit, I willingly forgive ________________________________________ for the words they have spoken against me, and the wrongs they have committed.  If I have offended others, Lord, then show me how to approach them, and seek their forgiveness.  If there is something I need to do to show Your love to them, speak to me, that I may obey You, and show Your grace.  I refuse to hold, in my heart, the offenses of others, and I ask that You give others that same grace towards me.  Help us to see who the real enemy is, and not be tricked into hatreds and divisions that can destroy our relationships.  Thank You for Your help, Your love, and Your Spirit, Who leads us into truth.

     It hurts to be judged.  We hurt others when we judge.  This past week as I came under judgment, it caused me to realize how quickly I must turn to the Lord, and not allow the words of others to take root in my soul.  God will heal the pain they ignorantly inflicted.  I have to make a choice, though, to take I Corinthians 13 as the path to follow.  It is hard to believe the best of others when they have wounded you.  Jesus did.  He loved us when we were dead in our sins.

     As a branch off of the True Vine, I must also learn to let His grace, mercy, and love flow through me.  He knows and understands what those words of judgment did to me.  But, He also knows, that if I will pick up my cross, and follow Him, to the throneroom of grace and mercy, I will receive the help I need to rise above this.

     I'm glad Jesus lets me cry it out.  I'm glad He is with me when I cry.  I am thankful that He lives in me to provide healing grace and mercy to my soul.  I am most thankful that He has proved His Word to me.  Yesterday, in our adult Sunday School class, Jesus gave me the example of clear water flowing through a filter, filled with coffee, and the result of what the water reflects as it passes through coffee grinds. 

     He said that as we take in God's Word, it has to pass through the filter of our souls.  Sometimes, our souls, are like coffee filters, that are filled with past hurts, wounds, unforgiveness, etc. The water that comes out of us is dark, and reflects what is in us.   If we will allow the pure water of His Word to pass through, there will come a time when our souls will become more pure.

     You see, after awhile, even in a coffee maker, the coffee grinds will no longer affect the water, because they become bleached out.  Our lives, when affected by the pure water of God's Word, will eventually reflect God's Word, and not the past hurts, wounds, unforgivenesses, etc.  

     Today, as I opened my heart to God's Word, He "filtered" my soul with His grace.  Oh, I may have to run that pure water through a few times in order to remove all the vestiges of those unkind words, but I know it will work. 

     The love of God never fails.  His love is greater, more powerful, and most cleansing.  Jesus bore the vilest, most harshest, and cruelest unkindness that is known to man.  He did it for us.  He prepared the way for us to find help when treated with harshness or cruelty.  He released forgiveness while being crucified.  He then says to us..."you can do all things through Me, Who comes to strengthen you"!

Loving Him and you,