Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Open Your Gift

Morning Glory!

Yesterday, as I was worshiping God, a thought came to my mind that blessed me so much.  I was thanking Him for all the wonderful things He has done for me, and I began to praise Him as Jehovah Jireh...God Who Supplies.

At first, I thought of the earthly things, i.e., food, clothing, housing, finances, etc.  All of a sudden this thought popped into my head...what you needed most was to be born again, in order for Me to supply you with every blessing I had planned for you.

What I needed most was to be "born again".  When I was dead in my sins, those blessings were waiting for me.  God loved me when I was dead to Him.  God loved me before I ever knew there was such a Person.  God poured out His love upon me through Christ Jesus, but had to wait until I heard that  Good News before He could release those blessings upon me.

If I had never heard the Gospel, those blessings were there for me.  If I died in my sin, having rejected God, those blessings were there for me.  God did not wait for me to become a Christian before coming up with the idea to bless me.  He did not wait for me to please Him before He sent forth His love and grace upon me.

No, no, no!!!  He abundantly, through Jesus Christ, set me up to be blessed.  My part, was to HEAR His Good News, CHOOSE to believe and receive, and then RECEIVE by faith all that He had supplied.

I carried a child for nine months.  Before those nine months, I "thought" of that child, dreamed of that child, planned all kinds of things.  But, until she was born, all of those dreams and desires were on hold, until she came into being.  This is the Father's heart!  He was not waiting to do something until He saw what you were going to do. No, no, no!!  He started BEFORE you ever drew a breath, in the faith, that someday you would hear of His love, and become born of His Spirit.

He supplied!  It has been waiting for you all this time.  All that keeps you back from His blessings is knowledge.  This is where the Gospel comes into play.  It reveals ALL that God has prepared for you.  It is up to you to HEAR, CHOOSE, and RECEIVE!!

All you and I ever needed was to be born again.  The rest came with that free gift!  It was a total and complete heavenly package!  God is soooooo good!!

Have you opened up your gift?  It is waiting for you!!

Loving Him and you,