Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seed...Your Heart...Change

Morning Glory....

This is a picture of my morning glories from last year.  I am waiting for this year's plantings to bloom and delight my heart.  The ground here in the White Mountains is very difficult to grow vegetables and flowers, and much endeavor is put forth to condition the soil before planting.  We have some success, of course, and some failure depending on the weather conditions.

Reminds me of Mark, chapter 4, where Jesus taught the parable of the Sower sowing the Word of God into the hearts of men.  I love this chapter because it spells out exactly where people are in their lives.  It is a description of the change that can take place in a person when they receive God's Word, and resolve to stay faithful to the finding the understanding of it.

No heart is hopeless according to this passage.  Oh, Satan tries to come and steal it.  Circumstances of life rise up to choke it, and in some cases the person just simply is unwilling to do what it takes to achieve the maturity necessary to grow.  But, the SEED does not change.  This is the important fact.

Anyone who plants a garden understands the power of life in seeds.  I have a patch of ground where I had raked some dead vines from last year.  I got lazy and did not pick it up.  Three weeks ago I saw some type of vegetation poking its head through the  pile of dead matter.  I think it is either watermelon or cantaloupe.  I can't wait to see what will be produced.  The recent monsoon weather we had helped to create an environment where those seeds found the right conditions to burst forth.

Environment is crucial.  If your heart (mind, will, and emotions), are bathed in an anti-God environment, then if you have the seed of God's Word planted there; it will struggle to bring forth what God has intended for you.  But, if you begin to change environments...then that seed which is alive and full of God's power will burst forth and you will begin to see the fruit of it in your life.

Being born again changes your environment.  God does that for you as a free gift as you believe and receive new Life through faith in Jesus Christ.  Afterwards, it is up to you to continue staying in a healthy, godly environment so that you can grow. 

God created the seeds for my natural garden.  But, I have to water it, care for it, and protect it.  God sent His Word to reveal Himself to you.  Once you have received, then it is up to YOU to water your heart, care for your heart, and protect your heart so that Satan cannot steal the Word from you.

A person who lacks understanding of God is simply one who lacks understanding of His Word.  As you grow in other avenues of life by study and application; so does your spiritual life need the same discipline.  Oh, God, in His mercy, will send people across your path to encourage you, and try to help you know God.  But, His desire, is that YOU obtain a personal knowledge of Him THROUGH taking His Seed into the garden of your heart.

When you hang around farmers you learn farmer's secrets.  When you hang around good for nothings; then nothing good is what you will learn.  I don't go to a mechanic to ask him to help me grow tomatoes.  So, why do you have contention in your heart towards God when you keep running from the very ones sent to help you know Him, i.e., church, pastors, teachers of God's Word?

Don't like to read?  Listen to CD teachings!  Watch Bible studies on TV!  Attend a Bible study and start listening to the "farmer's"; those who have plowed and reaped the reward of discipline!   

My morning glories are coming up because "I" refused to accept that I could not have them. I changed the soil so that they would have a place to thrive!  If you ain't thriving....change the soil.  Go from rocky to thorny to good soil. You CAN!!  The Word will help you AS you allow it to remain IN you! 

God loves you!  God loves you!  God loves you!!!!!!

So do I,