Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Smoothie or Gravy?

Morning Glory!!

Every morning I enjoy a special smoothie.  Oh, probably no one else would like it but me, but I don't just prepare it for pleasure.  I concoct this for my health.  It contains fruit, almond milk, cinnamon, flax, oat bran and ice.  After a walk, this smoothie refreshes me, fills me up, and gives me energy.  I would rather have biscuits and gravy, bacon, potatoes and eggs.  And once in a blue moon, I allow myself to indulge in that repast.

I have learned, though, that what I LOVE to eat is not what keeps me healthy.  Being a Texan, it is almost a sin not having gravy every day and something fried!!  Have mercy!!  But, being healthy has had to put that Texan in the back seat.  Waaaaaaaaay in the back seat.

You see when I was a young woman I thought that the condition of my body would last forever!  Right???  Nope!!  I thought I could drink as many Dr. Pepper's, eat as many Frito's, and indulge in as many Almond Joys as I deemed necessary for one day's sustenance!  But, years later, the discovery was made that all of the above, though very tasty, were NOT my friends!  So, change had to come. 

I spoke yesterday of the type of environment one lives in and the effect it will have upon their spiritual life.  Everything we do has a consequence.  As I used to eat an entire Almond Joy followed by a Dr. Pepper; I never felt "at the moment" that it would be harmful.  But, it is the continual action of taking in what is harmful that eventually goes off like a bomb.

Decisions have to be made.  Hard choices for change have to be enacted.  An honest look at a person's lifestyle has to be evaluated by them before the path they are on can be turned around.  In other words a person has to truly learn to care more for the consequences rather than being lulled to sleep by a hard core habit in the assumption that they will escape the inevitable!

The same applies to knowing God.   A person can have a spiritual "habit" but yet never get to know the Living God.  They go to church on Easter and Christmas, they have a Bible but could not tell you one book from another, their "religious" families are fun topics of conversation at the local bar, but day after day they are in a state of sleep regarding their own spiritual condition. 

What will wake them up?  Well, if they are wise, then they will listen to their conscience that is continually attempting to bring correction.  It is called "guilt".  No, I'm not trying to PUT guilt on you.  I am saying that when something deep inside nags at what you are doing, then you may want to STOP and pay attention.  If what you are doing is not giving you true heart peace, then it is time for change.  Someone once said that in every person is a "vacuum, an empty place" that only God can fill.

Until that place is filled with Jesus; then Satan will offer you all kinds of distractions as a substitute.  I know.  What I fill myself with,  is what I will become.  If I fill my body with calories, fats, sugars, etc., my body becomes a house of fat and sugar resulting in sickness and disease.  If I fill my soul with this world's substitute for a relationship with God, my soul eventually will become worn out. 

But, when the Life of God is received into my spirit and I become born again; then I enter into a relationship with Someone Who promises to refresh and restore my soul, Who blesses me with His power and strength, and loves me back to health both spiritually, mentally and physically.

As I drink that daily smoothie for the benefit of my body; I also take in God's Word daily for the benefit of my spirit and soul.  It is all about choices.  And you have a free will to make whatever choice you want, whether it be for good or for evil.  This is how much God loves you. 

As I finish my smoothie this morning while writing this, I pray you will slow down and take a long look at the choices you are making.  Is it time to wake up to God?  Is it time to listen to your conscience, turn from this world, and return to the One  Who came to give you Life?  Say yes to Life today.  Say NO to those choices that you know are not good for you.  Consequences will turn into blessings!!

Loving Him and you,