Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Willing Heart

Morning Glory....

I found in my old Bible this morning a verse that spoke to me when Herb and I first began in the ministry so many years ago.  It is Psalms 119:32..."I will (not merely walk, but) run the way of Your commandments, when You give me a heart that is willing."

A willing heart is precious to God. 
A willing heart does not need to be coerced to follow Him.
A willing heart is created as it is filled with the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

God sent His Word to create in us a born again spirit.
He also sent His Word to create in us "willing hearts".
I may be born again, but without the intake of His Word, my heart can still remain undisciplined.

The Holy Spirit was sent to lead and guide us into truth, because the Word IS Truth.
The understanding of  Truth brings freedom to the mind, will and emotions.
He, the Spirit of Truth, has been given by Jesus as the Gift of God to help us achieve this.

When the heart begins to change toward God; the hunger for God increases.
The desire to know and understand increases.
The willingness to humble yourself and seek Him increases.
The resistance to sin increases.

Some may say, "Well, God must give it to me, because I do not have that kind of heart now!"
God did give you ALL things that pertain unto life and godliness through Christ Jesus.
God DID send His Son into this world not to condemn but to give His Life to whoever WILL receive of His grace.
God put sin upon His Son; removed its ability to keep you trapped and in bondage, so that you COULD have life and have it abundantly IF you choose to.

David had to wait hundreds of years before his spirit could be born again.
Nothing stops anyone now from having that new life and "new heart" before God.
It is a simple matter of accepting the Truth.
It is a simple matter of reading God's Love Letter to you, and choosing to believe rather than stay in the darkness of unbelief.

O, God, thank You for sending Your only Begotten Son into this world with Your Message of love, forgiveness and acceptance to all who will believe.  May the person reading this today realize that while today still holds, the opportunity to receive of the free Gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ is held out to them!

Loving Him and you,