Friday, July 19, 2013

Who Are You Following?

Morning Glory!!!

Peter, in John 6:68 , spoke an amazing statement.  He said, "Lord, to whom shall we go?  Your words are words of eternal life. "  Jesus never minced His words.  He spoke honestly and directly to the heart of every person that He encountered.  Some received His words and were forever changed.  Others found His words hard and difficult due to the condition of their hearts, and chose not to learn of Him.

It is the same today.  Nothing has changed in the human condition.  Zillions of words are spoken, printed and published every day, but what Peter declared is the ultimate truth.  Only Jesus has the words we need to hear because the nature of His words are eternal. 

Jesus, only Jesus, can delve into the human heart to bring edification, encouragement and enlightment.  Only Jesus has the courage to go that deep.  I have been seeking God more fervently lately as I just want to learn more about how to worship Him, how to yield more to Him, how to really hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit.  In these prayer times as I have lifted His wonderful Names in worship, I have experienced His Presence that has touched some very deep parts of my heart.

My favorite teacher/pastor, Brother Dave Roberson, has set the example for me in this seeking time.  His relationship with Jesus pierces my soul with longing.  I love this man because he teaches anyone willing to learn how to reach this special place.  Oh, it takes putting the flesh down, turning from all that would distract unto Jesus, and relying heavily on the Holy Spirit to stay committed.  But, when we begin to experience healing and restoration in our minds, wills and emotions...have is worth it.

I am learning to lay some pursuits down.  I am learning to be content for this season of my life to seek Him.  I have questions.  He has answers.  I have desires.  He is the only One that can meet them.  I have some turmoil about some issues.  He is the Peace which passes all understanding.

In following "others", I have discovered that it means being occupied to the point that what is really deep down is being kept deep down.  We all seek to find our happiness in the possession of things, the relationships of activity, the pursuit of some dream, or the choice to be so independent that we give not one inch unless we are in control.

All I know is simply that there is Someone Who knows exactly what I need, and His Words are words of eternal life.  The Holy Spirit has been sent to reveal God's perfect plan to those who pursue His way. 

All Jesus asks is that we give Him time to spend with us.  We can find the time if we so desire.  I have had to close some doors, and am glad that I finally listened to Him.  What I am believing Him for is worth finding the time to give Him.  Because when He speaks, His eternal words of life will do more for me in one second of time than all the other zillions of words in this world. 

Who are you following?

Loving Him and you,