Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Would Our Lives Be?

Happy Birthday, Risa!

What would my life have been had I not had you?  Well, child, it would probably be just a tad boring!  From the moment you were born, you just had that "spark" of life in you.  You had the most bruised cheeks in the world because people were always wanting to pinch them.   You big brown eyes drew attention to you, and you always had that look of wonder in them.

You were little sister, and I know most little sisters think they come in second to everyone else.  Not true.  Your little heart as a child was so sensitive to God, and you were always blessing people with your personality and sweetness.  Oh, you are definitely "little sister" in many ways (ask Shelley), but you have in you a growing understanding of family and your importance in ours.

You are blunt, honest, easily hurt, fun to be around (most of the time), a good Aunt (when you aren't terrorizing them) LOL, and your father's Cowboy buddy!  The pendulum of your life has swung in very large ways at times, and like most of us, I am sure you wonder what your life means and is meant to be.

For now, know that your life, is that piece of our family that we could not do without.  Your very naieve mother bore you at a time in her life where there was much uncertainty.  But, the one thing I am certain of is are God's precious gift to me, your Dad and your family.

Our prayer for you is for you to realize how every day you make a difference and you have.

God bless you, our wonderful, crazy, funny, exasperating, creative, child called "Marisa"!