Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Morning Glory...

Yesterday I had the privilege of sharing God's Word with a hurting sister  in Christ.  When I saw the above picture today, it reminded me of how truly merciful our Saviour is, and how He came not to condemn but to seek and save that which was lost.  I had just read this true story only the day before of this woman described in the Amplified Bible as "an especially wicked sinner", who, when learning Jesus was at the home of a Pharisee, brought an alabaster flask of perfume and began to wet His feet with her tears, wipe them with her hair, kissed His fet and anointed them with the perfume.

     The Pharisee was beside himself at this demonstration, and began to judge Jesus in his heart.  He saw nothing of worship or adoration this woman's gestures.  He saw her only through her sin.  He did not perceive what was going on between Jesus and the woman.  He only condemned and criticized Jesus for letting this "sinner" touch Him.

     Jesus, perceiving the man's heart, began to speak to him and tell him a parable of the lender and the two debtors.  One owed much, the other very little.  Both had no means of paying it back, but the lender forgave them both.  Jesus then asked Simon, "Which one of them will love the lender the most?"  Simon answered..."The one who owed the most and whose debt was cancelled."

     Jesus approved of Simon's answer, turned to the woman and commended her for her treatment of Him, because this woman knew in her heart Whose feet she was bowing before.  He reproved Simon by this very woman's actions and went on to say that though her sins were many; she has loved much!

     As I listened to my sister in Christ pour out her heart regarding the wrong choices, the consequences, the depression and guilt that had followed; I remembered how Jesus blessed me at the Andrew Wommack Conference.  Two sisters in Christ heard my own heartache, surrounded me with grace and the authority in Jesus Name, and brought healing to my own burdened soul.

     I wanted to give what I had been given.  I wanted this sister to know that she did not have to bear satan's whippings anymore.  I wanted her to know that Jesus, her Shepherd, her Redeemer fought for her and that she could leave the graveyard of past mistakes and walk on into life.  We looked at Psalms 23:3 where it says Jesus "restores" the soul.  This word means to repair, to renew, to bring back to its former condition, to restore lost or stolen goods, to make strong.

     Watching her face as she heard these words of grace, the tears falling down her face; I saw the Good Shepherd begin His work of restoration.  He REPAIRS our broken lives, our broken families, our broken hearts, and restores that which has been stolen.  He is gentle.  He won't hurt us.  He knows that lying devil and He broke his death grip when He shed His blood for us.  There is a throne room today.  It is there every day.  See the picture above?  Jesus has given you and I a promotion.  We have been united with Him, and are seated with Him in heavenly places.  We are NOW accepted IN Him, and have free access to His riches in glory.

     Don't look back, child of God!  Look forward and up to Him Who is able to REPAIR what satan, our ignorance, and our sin has caused.  He FIXES us (had to throw some Texan in there).  He will do for you what He did for that "especially wicked sinner".  Accept her, love her, and remind her that her failures were not too big for His Grace.