Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Jesus Gave to You

Morning Glory!!!

Today while in worship, the Holy Spirit led me to Romans 8:37-39.  I've been learning more of all that we HAVE been given through Christ Jesus, and when spending time in God's precious promises; going over these truths, the sense of joy continues to increase in my soul.

I recently attended an Andrew Wommack Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, at the Biltmore Hotel.  It is every year from January 3rd through the 5th.  I have been trying to attend for three years but due to inclement weather in the White Mountains where I live, I havent been able to go.  This year was different. 

Many of the truths that Andrew taught are those that I have previously learned but have allowed to fade in the distance due to "life".  His dogged attitude about who we are in Christ brought repentance and healing to my soul, and a new determination to renew those blessed truths. 

This morning as I opened God's Word to revisit old trails, and to do what the Word says in order to renew my mind; I was led to Romans 8:37-39.  The Bible is replete with just wonderful passages that assure, exhort, and admonish the Believer as to the spiritual riches that  Christ Jesus has given to us.  It is Himself. He gave Himself to us.

In the giving of Himself, He blessed us body, soul, and spirit.  This venue does not offer the time to expound on that, but YOUR Bible does, and if you would begin to just search out all the glorious gifts and riches that we, by grace, have obtained in Christ it would surely renew you and lift you up.

I just want to touch on Romans 8:37-39 today.  The previous verses speak of God being for us, who can be against us, God not withholding His own Son for us, graciously giving us all things, God justifying us, God acquitting us, God NOT condemning us, and how nothing can separate us from a Love so unbelievable that NO momentary or temporary distress can take it away.

Verse 37 boldly, I mean boldly declares that in the MIDST, in the flat-dab middle (Texan!!) of ANY trial that satan can throw at us.....JESUS HAS MADE US CONQUERORS BEFORE THEY CAME!  And, on top of that, He GAVE US SURPASSING VICTORY THROUGH LOVE!!!

Before satan can conjure up any attack against you; Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself to you and lives in you already sees you victorious against the enemy!!!  He not only SEES you, He LIVES in you and I to stand our ground with the Victory Flag already waving.

Verse 38 adds a challenge to you and me.  It is called BEING persuaded of these prior truths, having a surety of what we have been given that is IN our born again spirits, ready to WORK and PROMOTE our victory.  It is knowing that special, ageless love of Christ that saw the need and met the need before the need was manifested.  GLORY!!!

In a few days I want to write  about a special Word I was given at the conference.  Oh, how it helped me to receive healing in my soul, and put me back into "place".

Pick up the Word today.  Make yourself sit down and open this Life Giving Covenant of Grace.  Feast your eyes upon the truths in Romans 8:37-39.  He is preparing the table.  Won't you come and dine with the Eternal Word today?

Inspired by Him, Charlotte