Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chosen, Picked Out, and Loved

Morning Glory!!!

It has been quite awhile since writing in my blog.  This past summer seemed endless at times in tasks that took us away from home.  Oh, they were trips we enjoyed and cherish, but I like my solitude.  Having worked for many years, and being around people for the most part; I enjoy the days that afford me "thinking" time.  This is one of those days, and I am grateful.

Last evening, I had the joy of prayer before church.  I love that solitude, also.  I turn on God-exalting worship music, grab my Bible, and offer myself to the Holy Spirit.  I love those alone times when I know that no one is around but me and my Father.  I've been studying the Person of the Holy Spirit, His gifts and callings, and especially the wonderful experience of the infilling.  I hunger to know Him; the One Who opens the eyes of my understanding, changes me from glory to glory, fulfills the plan of God for my life, and is my Ever Present Helper, Strengthener and Comforter.

I was blessed to obtain a book by Andrew Wommack entititled "The New You and the Holy Spirit".  It has been a source of joy to read the two fold work of recreation and infilling that He was sent to perform in every believer.  Being raised in a religion that taught against this Wonderful Person, it took many years before I could begin to understand and receive His work in my own life.

I do not know enough.  After these many years of having been filled with the Spirit of Grace, praying in tongues, and by God's grace, used to minister healing and His Word....I still do not know enough.  God, the Holy Spirit, is a deep and endless stream that one lifetime cannot even begin to travel.  Those who have found Him, who have fully surrendered their lives to Him; know that "in the Presence of the Lord is fullness of joy".  It is their lives, as well as the Biblical testimonies of the disciples and apostles that pull at my own heart to know Him in that same way.

Last evening, as I was worshiping the Father through the first chapter of Ephesians, the Holy Spirit brought forth some truths into light that caused such rejoicing in my soul.  In verse 4, He had me look deeper at the truth that said "He CHOSE us -actually PICKED US OUT for Himself AS His own - IN Christ BEFORE the foundation of the world; that we SHOULD BE holy (consecrated and set apart FOR Him) and BLAMELESS in His sight, even ABOVE REPROACH, before Him IN LOVE."

God chose us.  God - Creator of Heaven and Earth - Whose ability to create anything and everything by the Word of His power....CHOSE US!!!  If you go on to Chapter 2, the Spirit of Grace tells you that "when you were dead in your sins - He made us alive in Christ".  God did not wait for us to become some object of great beauty, or a scholar so wise that He needed our wisdom to add to His, no!  We were dead to God.  Our sin made us dead to God.  There was nothing in us that qualified us for His Presence and fellowship.

He CHOSE to love us then...right our our our unholiness.  And that unbelievable choice sent forth grace to give us the very life of His Son EVEN BEFORE we even knew there was a Savior.  He did not dangle salvation at us like some carrot before a mule.  No!!!!  He GAVE ABUNDANTLY that great salvation, freely and generously from a heart so large that none of us will ever be able to understand the depth, and length and breadth and height of that love.

He did not plan on calling us "sinners saved by grace" for our entire lives.  He planned to call us...holy, blameless, and above reproach!!!  He placed us in the Love of His Son.  He called us out of the darkness of our sin, and BROUGHT us to the Kingdom of the Son of His Love.  This is why in Ephesians 1:3 we can joyfully praise "the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who has blessed us in Christ, with every spiritual (Holy Spirit given) blessing in the heavenly realm!"

May your heart be "framed" today with these truths.  May you stay within the boundaries of God's matchless grace today.  May you ACCEPT the gracious intent of God's purpose as it has been revealed in Christ Jesus to you!  May you KNOW the One Who lives to lead you to these truths so that you can be free!