Monday, January 21, 2013

Take a LOVE Break Today

Morning Glory!

This morning as I worshiped my Father from I Corinthians 13, I found myself amazed at the glory that continually comes from His Word.  God's Word is ALIVE.  His Life is IN His Word.  Whenever we humble ourselves to spend time in this life giving power - He gives us more and more to taste and see of His goodness.

This will be short today.  I know I tend to be wordy, but I love, truly love, words, and the undertanding they can bring to the mind.  Above all I love God's Word, for it is His power unto salvation.  The intake of His Word BRINGS light.  Whatever darkness we may be in whether it be mnd, will, emotions or physical, God has already provided a rhema Word out of that darkness, and it will bring His light to bear on any situation.

I was reading from a Children's Ministry Resource Bible, and on page 1456 it describes the kind of love that God has for us.  As I read this passage..."God's kind of love puts other people first - not me first", I began to confess that for my life.  Then this thought popped into my head.....the only time Jesus put Himself first was on the cross!!!!!

Wow!!!  He put Himself first on the cross to show us the crucified life.  He put Himself before us in death so that we could live.  He put Himself first to suffer and die and bear our sicknesses, our diseases, and our pains, so that we could be healed and set free!!

He put Himself first to bear rejection, persecution, and every evil to show us how to be victorious in Him.  He gladly embraced that cross to bear our condemnation and guilt so that we could go free!
Is it any wonder that God called Him "my Beloved Son"???  What kind of loving heart could do what He did for a thankless, unappreciating, "me-first" humanity?

Read I Corinthians 13.  Do you need to know what true love is?  This is it.  He is the Love of God manifested.  This Love came for you and I.  It would no stop until it had completed the mission....our salvation, our redemption, our restoration, our healing, our wholeness, our return to the Father.

This Love came to live in the born again spirit of the Believer and is unfailing in its power to transform the heart and soul. 

Andrew Wommack once said...."you cannot love others until you know the love God has for you!"  How true!  I Corinthians 13 tells you Who love is.   This Love wants to reveal Himself to you.  Break away today, sit with the Master, hear Him speak to your hurting heart, and let Him fill you to overflowing with unfailing, overcoming, transforming and life moving love.