Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Condemned No Longer! Accepted Forever!!

Morning Glory!

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing the grace of God to someone.  This person came to me very heavily burdened with past mistakes and failures.  The longer we talked, and as I listened, the Holy Spirit began to reveal the entrance that satan gained in this person's life.  A horrible tragedy had taken place when this person was young, and they were directly involved in a death.

The tears began to flow as this heartbreaking story poured forth.  I watched as the head of this person hung lower, the words became softer as though every pain filled memory was taking their breath away.  Suddenly, it was though I was there watching this life shattering event take place.  It was like watching a movie, and I could see all the players lined up for their parts.

The sadness on their face, the shame that showed, and the fear of how they might be perceived was so strong; it was all I could do to look at them.  And then the piercing story of how one night many years after the tragedy they attended a church service where a minister, by a word of knowledge from God, helped this person to begin to be restored.

What struck me, though, was that this tragedy was not an intentional act of this person, and this was what the Lord was showing me.  Years had passed since this happened, and though there was some relief, this person still took responsibility for something that was NOT an intentional act of her heart. 

I grabbed her hands, looked into her face, and said..."YOU did not intentionally sin in this case.  YOU did not plan this tragedy. YOU did not get up in the morning with the purpose of destroying another person!  YOU have been bearing the guilt and condemnation of an action that you did not create!

A light began to come into her eyes.  I continued by pointing out who the REAL cause of ALL tragedy is and will ever be and that is satan.  He sets the plan in motion to cause us all to fail.  Whether it be intentional or unintentional; the mastermind behind all death is satan.  The orchestrator of all condemnation is satan. He writes the script, lines up the players, carries out the performance and then turns and puts all the blame upon people.  And then, for the rest of their lives, slams their minds with visions of that mistake, that horrible part they played, and he is unrelenting in twisting the scenes to produe torment.

The Holy Spirit had me point out to this person that their ignorance of the ways of this evil, fallen angel had given him the freedom to set them up for the tragedy that followed.  I then began to share how Jesus had put forgiveness in place for every unintentional and intentional sin; that He HAD mercy upon every human being who found themselves caught in the death traps of satan.

Oh, the mercy of God!  Oh, the grace of Jesus!  The relief that began to show on her face was powerful!  The peace that came over her whole countenance was truly glorious.  We prayed together, and then I instructed her to not allow satan to torment her anymore.  I showed her how to stand against his condemnation.  I saw her head begin to lift, a soft smile come upon her face, and I could visibly see the strength of God pouring into her soul. 

Jesus!!  You ARE Lord!  We worshipped Him together, and though she may need further instruction in how to continue in her freedom...she is on her way!

This morning as I read from Colossians on how Paul knew his stewardship in presenting every man faultless befor the Father, I thought of this person.  I had that privilege yesterday of telling a broken heart that they were not condemned, that they were accepted in the Beloved, that Jesus paid the price for that tragedy even before this person was born.  Grace, grace, God's grace!!!

The picture above shows that grace in action.  We whose faults, failures, mistakes, and sins, made us deserving of wrath; have received mercy, love, and forgiveness.  Better still is knowing that even if we committed an unintentional sin due to ignorance or fear....Grace was already there and is still there today!

Condemned no longer!!  Accepted forever !  This is Jesus!  Worship Him!