Saturday, September 8, 2012

What "Free" Feels LIke!

Morning Glory!

Romans 5:12-21 tells the story to two men.
One who disobeyed God and brought death and condemnation upon ALL men.
The Other obeyed God and brought life and salvation to ALL men.

The sin of disobedience is the first act of sin that Adam committed.
This word means " a failing to hear or hearing amiss, an active disobedience that does not listen when God is speaking".

This one act plunged the human race into death.
Disobedience always leads to tragedy.  The fallen human nature of mankind rebels against anyone trying to correct him/her. 

A good parent tries to warn their child of the dangers of drugs, alcohol, sex before marriage, ungodly companions, cheating, lying, smoking, etc.  But, if that child "refuses to listen when authority speaks", they make their choices and then face the consequences.   And the parents face it with them.

People cry..."Why, did God allow that?" 
God ALLOWED each human to have a free will.
If that free will is under the influence of the flesh then its choices will lead to heartache.
If that free will is under the influence of the Holy Spirit, godly counsel, and the Word, then it will be able to make right choices that will bring protection and wisdom to that person.

God sent Jesus to die on the cross so that our wills could be free to CHOOSE.
Sin had us bound, under its control, tempting us, driving us, leading us to ruin.
Jesus came.  Glory to God.  Freedom came!!!  Glory to God.
Sin has been defeated and will surely lose its control over that person whose life is now found in Christ Jesus!!!

Stop and think about your decisions today.
Will what I choose lead me to peace, joy and strength?
Will what I choose come back later and torment my soul, making me ashamed, self-condemning and filled with regret?

What are you listening to?  Your desires which come from cravings and the lust of the flesh?
Or are you learning to listen to the Voice of the Spirit through God's Word,  which leads to peace, restoration, life, dignity, strength, and blessing?

Which man do you identify with?
I choose the One Who obeyed.  He will keep you in perfect peace "IF" your mind is fixed upon His Word.  He speaks.....are we listening.