Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's Around the Curve?

Morning Glory....

When I walk I try to use that time to praise the Lord through His Word that is in my heart.  I practice praising for the entire time I am walking to keep the Word of God flowing out of my mouth.  I enjoy that because I know my faith is being built up while the calories and fat are being torn down!!!

Today, though, as I was returning I was approaching a curve in the road.  At that moment the scripture that says God will make every crooked place straight came out of my mouth.  As I entered and then departed the curve, the straight road lay before me.  It was such a moment of truth for me. 

You see, God wanted me to see how important it was that I keep walking.  He then reminded me of the precious words from Joshua that say...."I am the Lord your God, and I will go with you wherever you go".   He also reminded me from Galatians that ...."it is no longer I that live, but Christ Who lives in me".

We all have curves to face.  When you first go into a curve you cannot always see what lies before.  This morning as I began my walk I faced that same curve.  A car was coming into the curve from the other direction going at a faster speed than what the law allows.  She did not see me, and as I jumped to the side, she swerved.  I have faced that curve before and I know to be cautious when I approach it.  That is called wisdom.

Will it keep me from walking? No. many emotional curves have I faced lately that has almost stopped me from walking by faith and not by sight???  Too many.  Today's lesson made me realize that I have to "keep on" walking by the Truth that has been written upon the tablet of my heart.  I have to make a determination deep within me that says..."I will follow my Shepherd, I will obey His Word, I will hold onto my freedom,  I will not walk by what I see, but the Word that comes forth out of my Father's mouth". 

Faith is not blind obedience.  Faith derives its "sight" by the powerful Word of God.  Faith knows its Author, and is glad to follow at His command.  Faith turns from the whisperings of the flesh and the roar of the devil.  It shuts its ears to that which is "earthly", and opens its ears to that which is from above.

Faith can be so developed that it truly sees and hears and understands what the natural senses cannot.  As I walk I know that many parts of my body receive the benefit of that daily exercise.  As I praise I know that my entire life will receive the benefit of that daily exercise.

We have a Good Shepherd Who walked this life as Jesus Christ, Son of Man, Son of God.  He has faced all the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual curves that can be thrown at us.  He paid the price to break satan's stronghold and power to use these curves to destroy us.  Then He rose from the grave to live in us through the power of the Holy Spirit, and to walk "again" with us, giving us the victory beforehand so that we could face each curved in His strength, power, grace, and wisdom.

So...I walk on.  I pray you will, also.  I pray you will see Who is with you today and will never leave you to walk this earth alone.  I pray that you will practice praising Him, for He inhabits the praises of His people.  Praise brings anointing.  Anointing breaks the yokes of bondages.  Walk free today!