Tuesday, September 4, 2012

His Word...Your Heart...His Power

Morning Glory....

This picture represents success for me.  I love these flowers, and have been unsuccessful in the past in getting them to grow.  This past summer, I thought I'd try again.  It was a hot, dry summer until the monsoon rains came, and I faithfully watered these little vines that were planted by seed.

The joy that meets me each  morning is a new color that is bursting forth.  I've seen pinks, purples, whites, and variegated blooms each morning and it always thrills me.  I never tire of looking at them, and as I said they make me feel like I have accomplished something.

We all want to feel success in life.  We desire to see the fruits of our labor whether it be in our families, marriages, businesses, ministries, or just personal dreams.  Most of us will never be like the Donald Trumps or mega-ministries or June Cleaver.  But, we long and steadfastly hold to God's Word because we know He has given us promises that will not fail.

Yesterday as I was spending time with Jesus on my back patio, I read, confessed and worshipped Him from this scripture..."As for me, I will call upon God; and the Lord will save me...He shall hear my voice.  He has delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me: for there were many with me."

Knowing that God enters into my battles gives me peace.  Knowing that He delivers peace for my soul brings relief.  I wrote yesterday how I need to return to that place in Him where I can find and enjoy rest.  I have been in such an emotional battle lately due to a long and lengthy set of circumstances that methodically and pointedly waged against my emotional and physical health.

I know God has made the way for me through and out of these battles of the soul.  Jesus is the Anchor of my soul.  He is the One Who has planned my way out of every attack of the wicked one.  He has given me Romans 8:31-39 as His continual assurance of how He sees my life...more than a conqueror.

As the vine above had to be established first before the flower could form and be displayed in its glory, so Jesus was first planted and established as the True Vine, and my life is the "flowering" of what He desires to produce in me.  Just as I brought water daily to my little vine to keep it strong, so does the Holy Spirit bring the Water of Life to my thirsty soul to refresh it, restore it, and keep it strong.

I will get through this soul test.  He spoke to me from John 8:36 yesterday and comforted my soul by reminding me that ..."If the Son therefore shall make you free, you SHALL be free indeed".  I choose to believe His Word.  I choose to believe that just as that vine above is created to blossom and bring forth beautiful morning glories, so is my life, which is planted in Christ Jesus created to bear glory for Him. He is the success in me.  He is the Accomplisher in me.  He began my faith.  He will finish it.

I write these words so that you also may know that He did this for you.  If  you have been under an attack which has come to make you feel as though you have failed, let me assure you today that Jesus never fails.  I encourage you to take your broken heart, your tears, your disappointments with yourself and others to the One Who can lift the burden as you receive His Word into your heart.

You are not a failure, Mom.  You are not a failure, Wife.  You are not a failure, Daughter.  You are not a failure, Husband.  You are  not a failure, Son.  You are not a failure, Dad.  You are not a failure, Child of God.   Whatever your role in life, whatever you so deeply long for, whatever seems so very distant and unobtainable....Jesus says...."For I the Lord your God will hold your right hand, saying unto you, Fear not; I will help you."

He is YOUR Waymaker today!  Hold tightly to Him.