Thursday, September 6, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!

Morning Glory....

Yesterday I came to a decision.
You want to know what it was?  Very simple.  Ready? 
L I V E!!

That's  Oh, not just bumble day to day, but really live.
I've been doing a lot of praying lately.  I have an area of my life (won't tell you), that has been like a chain around my soul.  Kept me fettered so to speak.

I have had some very deep emotional battles, also.  Ones that made me feel like I was being crushed with sorrow.  But, then, praise God, I began listening to my favorite teacher, Brother Dave Roberson, of The Prayer Center in Broken Arrow, OK.  He did a teaching on how Jesus freed the will of man so that he could choose right things according to God's will.

I listened again and again, and realized that I had to begin speaking out that "I" had a free will, and that I could choose to believe, to trust, to live, to be glad, to expect God's goodness, to get strong again, to move on with life, to enjoy life, to stand in God's grace and receive every good thing He has planned for me, etc., etc., etc.!!

I can't live for others.  I love them, always will.  But, if I am going to be healthy, then I have to love them the way God does, but not LIVE as though what they do or don't do will make or break my life. 
I wrote a book..."Forgive and Remember"....and I am practicing this again and again as it has brought much freedom to my soul when I do.

I am coming out of the clutches of depression.  And the reason I am is because Jesus shed His blood for me so that I could indeed live free.  Will I disappoint others?  Surely.  Will they disappoint me?  Surely.  It's the human condition.  But, to frame my life with the non-actions or actions of others is emotional suicide. 

Jesus gave me His abundant life.  He gave me His Holy Spirit.  He gave me a new birth that is to be the leader of my life.  He gave me His Word.  He gave me His solid Promise that my trust in Him would be the glory and the lifter of my head.  He gave me the freedom to choose.

So, I choose today to believe what He has said.  I choose to resist the devil and all his fiery darts.  I choose to exercise my freedom to believe that my God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all I can dare ask or even think.

I choose to let people be.  I choose to forgive them as I have been forgiven.  I pray that God will grant them grace to forgive.  I truly do. 

I choose to stop.  Stop trying to fix the world.  Only Jesus can do that.  I choose to pray, and use that mighty Weapon to bring down strongholds.  I choose to worship the One True God Whose Word will never return unto Him void, but will accomplish what He sends it forth to do.

I choose because I can because Jesus freed my will by His sacrifice.  I choose to live! 

May you live today in the growing knowledge of that same grace.