Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh...The Lessons We Can Learn from Bugs

Morning Glory!!!

A few nights ago I was watching a Netflix movie on bugs.  Yes, I KNOW I am strange, but I like wildlife documentaries.  This one was so fascinating as it was a French company that produced it.  There was no narration; only music.  It had time-lapsed photography (really love that), and they highlighted certain bugs and how they interacted with their surroundings.

The one that caught my attention the most was the dung beetle.  As a child in Texas I used to see them all the time pushing little round balls of cow patties across the yard.  Never wanted to bend down and study them at that time....I think you know why, right?

Well, in the safety of my family room I watched this beetle as it pushed and shoved this ball of some animals left over lunch across this stretch of ground.  It pushes with its hinds feet and, of course, is going backwards.  There was a small broken limb sticking out of the ground, and as the beetle pushed backwards, the tasty tidbit it was pushing became lodged.

The more the beetle pushed, the deeper its "treasure" was driven into the limb.  Undeterred, it began to dig around the ball to cause it to drop.  It didn't.  Next, it went around the circumference and pushed in all directions.  Slowly but surely, it dislodged its ball and laboriously headed up this small slope.

It almost reached the top, lost its grip, and the ball went tumbling back down.  Again, the beetle ran after it, positioned its back legs and began its backward push up the slope.  Finally, it cleared the top, and took off again to its abode. 

Now, you know a moral is coming...right???

Well, if God created a bug that can deal with excrement and win....can't we???

Have a ball!!!