Sunday, July 22, 2012

Which Path Will You Take Today?

You have been given a new day. may not realize what a blessing it is, and parts of yesterday may have filtered through, but believe's new.
The One Who made "the day" is still on the Throne of Grace and Mercy for you.
He has stayed His Hand of judgement by putting it all upon the One Who sits at His Right Hand.
And the One seated with God is ever living now to pray for you.
He does not fail His holy duties and is faithful unto a thousand generations to those that love Him.

But, He hands this day to you.
He says...."Choose wisely the path that your feet walk upon today, for wide is the road unto destruction, but narrow is the way unto Life!"
Do you hear the noisy ones calling for your life today?  "Come with us", they will say,"you have all the time in the world to fill your heart with such hussle and bussle." 
They do this to drown out the Voice that beckons you to come away to Him.

Time belongs to no one, really.
We borrow it for the short time we live on this earth.
We think we deserve to spend it any way we choose regardless of the consequences.
We must stop being so foolish.
Oh, yes, we can spend our time that is given to us by God's grace.
He desires we invest it into the eternal souls of men and women.

He desires we study the day we have before us, and wisely choose to consider the eternity that dawns for each human heart. 
Most, don't.  Most, won't.  Most will run headlong into this day not realizing who is betting on their lives.  Beings of spiritual darkness that run with those, keeping them off the path that leads to righteousness.

They work diligently at keeping your foot entangled in this world.
Another day of shopping?  Another day of lounging by the pool?  Another day with the BFF's at the bar?  Another day of thinking that you have time?

What if you just stopped for a moment now and "took" time to consider the moments of the day ahead.  Will you lay your head on your pillow tonight with peace in your soul, or will you turn up the noise to drown out the voice of your conscience that has been shouting at you for a long time.

It's your day.  At least for the time you have on this earth. Spend it wisely.