Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Promise Still Stands...It's Called "The Cross"

Suddenly, he was gone.
A son, a nephew, a cousin, a husband, a father, a brother in Christ, a dear friend.
For us time stood still.  For Danny, eternity began.
He stepped out of a body that could no longer sustain him.
He walked into the Arms of Jesus to receive eternal glory.

We cried.  We shook our heads in wonder at how suddenly this life for him was over.
Danny's eyes opened to visions of exquisite light and beauty.
He believed in the cross while on this earth.  He believed in a life to come.
He was ready in spirit to face God.
We know he wasn't ready to leave his loved ones.  None of us are.

Many will ask why.  Some will say it was "his time".
No.  His body failed him.  Jesus didn't.
The cross still stands.  Its silent beacon declares The Promise...Resurrection Life. have no victory.
You may have stolen his earthly life, but Jesus guaranteed his eternal life.
Danny is alive.
His earthly tent has folded.

To those remaining on this earth.....look to the Cross.
Jesus is speaking still today.
He guarantees your reunion some day with Danny.
He has reserved that blessed event, and you can count on Him.

For now....weep.
For now....grieve.

Someday....Jesus will wipe those tears away as you open your eyes to see Danny greeting you on the "Glory Side of Jordan!"