Friday, June 22, 2012

"Ruffled Feathers"

Morning Glory!!

Ever get your "feathers" ruffled at someone or something?
I do.  Just did.  And I need to just settle the issue with Jesus.
My challenge for 2012 (and should I say for every moment I breathe) is to understand, and walk in I Corinthians 13.

The inspired Word in this chapter is so beautiful, so inspiring, and yet at times a hard pill to swallow.
Jesus did it.  He lived it.  This was Who He was, and He commands me to "abide" in that Word, and to let that Word "abide" in me.

"Oh, but Jesus!!  Is there not ONE reason to justify staying in anger or unforgiveness?" 
"No, My child, for these things do not work righteousness in you!"
"Oh, but Jesus!!!  My heart is hurting so, and to not hold what they have done and said to me to their account is hard!"
"I know, for I was tempted as you are now, but I did not let that temptation lead me to sin.  I looked to My Father's Word, and the Holy Spirit sustained Me, as He will you, now!"
"I want to obey You, Lord Jesus, and walk in the path of I Corinthians 13, Your me!"
"Dear one, I am with you, and will meet your every need as you put your trust in Me!!"
"Thank You, Lord, thank You!!"

So, now, I choose to forgive that offense.
So, now, I choose to turn this over to Jesus.
So, now, I don't linger in the offense, but move on quickly to live the day in trust, peace and rest.
I choose to bless that person, for maybe they really don't realize how satan has used them to hurt.

After all, satan is the accuser.
He is the destroyer...seeking whom he may devour with his evil ways.
Jesus defeated him, once and for all.
I choose to live in the victory Jesus gave to me....once and for all!
I choose to delight in the knowledge that this situation will not frame my day today.
I frame my day with God's Word, and stay securely within those boundaries.

So can you!