Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morning Glory!!!

Psalms 145:20..."The Lord preserveth all them that love Him".

Preserved:  To Keep.
                   To keep from harm, damage, danger, evil, etc,; to protect; save.
                   To keep from spoiling, rotting.
                   To maintain and protect.
                  Syn. (protect, guard, secure, defend, keep, save, maintain.

The above picture may be simplistic in its attempt to describe the ways that God "keeps" His own, but it is also an attempt to put before the eyes an example of how the love of God is perfectly able to surround the saint and provide a divine environment of security.

We, the born again children of God, are in an eternal place of security provided by God.
We were "spoiled" by sin.  Adam passed his sin onto me.  Death was its fruit.
I was not asked whether to be born into this world.  I was birthed into this world, and the moment I was conceived, death entered my world at the same time.  I had no choice.  Neither did you!

But...God made a choice long before you and I were ever born.  He made a Promise to the entire world that even though our first father, Adam, gave away his authority to a fallen angel, damning the entire human race....God was going to make Preserves!!

That's right.  God had a recipe for deliverance long before Adam messed things up!  You see satan thought he was going to "jam" up this world and prevent God's plan from coming to pass.  You can't outsmart God.  He was here before satan was ever satan.  And He will close this world out when He says so.

In the meantime...millions of human beings hope, no future, no way out! Then God, chose other men to take His Good News to this world, and through their faithfulness, it reached us!!  Oh, my heavens....READ THE BIBLE!!!  What a story!  What a game plan!! What a Deliverer!!

So, God took us, dead in our sins, unable to save ourselves, and He included us into an eternal Promise that cannot be broken.  He sent the Holy Spirit to help us receive the love of God, and that is when we all became "fruity"!!  Yes, we have been given the fruit of the Spirit, and it is bubbling away in these "preserved" vessels.  We are to give this world a taste of heaven by our born again lives!!

His love preserves all who love Him.  We used to bear the fruit of the world, Romans 6:21...things that shamed us!  But, now, we can bear fruit unto holiness....lives lived for God...Romans 6:22!

Romans 5:5 says that God gave us His love, and now we can love Him!!  He sent what we needed and then has come through the Holy Spirit to assist us and strengthen us to love Him as we receive the knowledge of grace through the Word of Truth!!!

We is Preserved People!!  Kept, protected, guarded, defended, saved, and maintained!! 

O,taste and see that the Lord is Good!!!