Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unmade Bed

There are times when my mind is like this picture......unmade!
You know what I mean???
Days when you have a LOT to do, but you just don't want to do any of them, even though they are all necessary and would show what a truly organized person you are?
Days when you just can't make up your mind nor do you have any real desire to do so?

For instance....take today!
I NEED to do laundry, clean the patio, clean my kitchen, organize the back patio, clean the office,  get dressed  (oops!), and a myriad of little detail-type issues!
What I've BEEN doing is puttering.

Now, puttering in itself isn't bad.
To putter means to...."to busy oneself or proceed in a trifling, ineffective, or aimless way, to fritter".
See???  That ain't bad!!!
I am busy, per se!
(need to find another definition)

Let's see.
I could rename this day and justify my "puttering".
I believe the new phrases are "Me Days", "Pamper Yourself Days", "Time for Yourself Days".
I'll have a contest and you can vote on which one will best fit my day that leaves off the guilt....ok??

I DID boil water for ice tea!! Does that count??
And, I DID make my bed, finally.
Oh!!!  And I DID plant a flower, water my garden, trimmed a couple of branches off a tree.
Read for a few minutes.
But, the rest???  Hmmmmm...

Hey!!! Wanna go to lunch????