Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"A Marked Woman"

Morning Glory!!

This is the name I chose for my blog because for me it represents what my Father God prepares for me each and every day.  No...I do not wake up to angels singing over my head...I'm sure they do, I am just too groggy to hear it.  Father God promised that His angels would defend and protect me in all of my ways OF obedience and service (Psalms 91), and He is always faithful to perform HIs Word "IF" I will do my part (obey and serve).

But, that isn't what I want to share today.

This morning as I spent time in worship, a particular scripture washed over me and a word jumped out at me......marked.

The Scripture is Ephesians 1:13....(NIV)..."And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the Gospel of your salvation.  Having believed, you were MARKED in Him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit."

Come with me and just revel in this scripture for a moment.  Dine on the words of truth that will fill your heart with joy, gratitude and worship.

(1)  Included in Christ -  This wonderful God Who wrote these words to us reveals that all have found a place through the Person of Christ Jesus.
(2)  When you heard the word of truth -  Hearing God's Word unlocks the treasures of heaven for all who are seeking His grace.  He sent His Word to this world to unfold His plan for everyone who will "hear".
(3)  The Gospel of YOUR salvation - Salvation is a personal step.  He wants us to know that "whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved".  Each one of us must first "hear" what is in that Good News from heaven.
(4)  Having believed - After "hearing" we must act.  This action is called believing.  Believing comes from hearing the truth.  Its the total package of God. 
(5) Finally...."MARKED" - This word means "conspicuous, noticeable, distinct...".  And the Person Who does this marking is called the Holy Spirit.  He was sent by Jesus Christ to set the Believer apart from the rest of humanity. 

He came to make your life distinctive.  He came  to make you conspicuous (easy to see  or perceive; manifest).  Your life as a Christian is to be SEEN.  It is to stand out ABOVE the lives of others that don't know Jesus Christ.

Why?  Because the Light of the World now lives IN your born again spirit.  His Light is to SHINE out of you.  As Jesus was in this world SO are WE, the Believing Ones are to be!!

Has satan deceived you into being ashamed of this wonderful transformation called "born again"?  Has he convinced you that standing OUT for Jesus does not matter?  Has he lured you into a back slidden condition to the point that no one can tell whether you are a Christian or not?

Dear Lord!!!  The mark we have on us is like an eternal badge of honor.  We are to wear it gladly in the service of the One Who called us out of the filth and darkness and insanity of this world, and brought us to a New Place called Light!

Dear Ones.....your salvation came by Grace thru faith.  Your new life is not yours to live in a selfish manner.  You have become part of God's holy nation.  You belong to a Kingdom that cannot be destroyed.  It is a Kingdom of Love.  It is a Kingdom of Power.  It is a Kingdom of "marked" individuals who have found their true existence in the Presence of their God.

What kind of mark does the world see in you today?  Do they recognize the mark (lifestyle) of the flesh, or do they recognize the distinctive, conspicuous, and noticeable way that you now live as one who has God's mark upon them??

God bless you!