Friday, May 11, 2012

Smiles, Fried Pies and Aunt Polly

This picture is called ....

I want to remember a very special Aunt....Polly Townsend.
I only have a few "young" girl memories of her, which is sad, but the ones I have I truly cherish.

First....her smile.
She always seemed so glad to see us.  We only lived right down the road from Cheree and Ricky T., but I just remember that smile whenever we would go to their home.  Her eyes would crinkle up and just little sparks of light would come out of them.

I remember her kitchen as a child.  Why?  I'm not sure, but I always liked her kitchen.  What a baker she was.  I was told of all the many blue ribbons Aunt Polly won for her "fried pies".  And, those, I really do remember.  We all tried to copy her recipes, but, as you know....only Aunt Polly could really get that taste right.

She had a special pie she brought at Thanksgiving.  She had to hide it from Aunt May if anyone else was going to get any.  I remember once seeing Aunt May hide one of those pies in Aunt Millie's covered back porch.   It was a peach cream pie???  Anyway, you had to move fast to secure even a small piece of it.

The last time I saw her was on a trip to Texas a few years ago.  She was still in her home at that time being cared for.  I just can't forget that look on her face when Penny and I walked in.  It reminded me of the same kind of look that Mama gave us whenever we saw her.

Aunt Polly....the light in that picture above is what I saw in your face.  Oh, my goodness, what your beautiful eyes are beholding right now.  I wish we could hear your joy.  I wish we could see those tears of gladness streaming from your eyes as you behold Jesus and all who have waited so long for you.

As long as our lives are on this earth, we won't forget you.  Your legacy lives on in your children and grandchildren.  Your love lives on in the nieces and nephews that were blessed to see that smile!!

Rest in absolute joy forever, Aunt Polly!!!