Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Blessings to Kathy"

I don't have a picture to share of this wonderful person I'm celebrating today.
She became a very integral part of my life in the late 70's, as Jesus found me again.
Her name....Kathy Grafinger Deguesualdo ...Degesueldo....Deguaselod....abcedefg....never could spell her married name?????

Her life and her family lived just down the street and around the corner from us when my daughters were little.  Her little sister, Amy, babysat for me, and I worked with Kathy at Phoenix City Employees Federal Credit Union.  Through that association I began to get to know the precious, loving heart of a young woman who loved God, and shared her faith with me. 

Kathy attended Valley Cathedral Church on Central Avenue at that time.  She invited me to attend a Wednesday evening meeting.  I was raised Baptist, and was not even ready for the lively worship I saw that evening.  People did THAT in church???  Singing, clapping, dancing, rejoicing, and some strange sounds were coming out of some people I had NEVER heard.

As we left the church, Kathy asked me if I wanted prayer.  I said..."Sure!"  She pointed me to this room, I went in, saw three women in a corner praying, and I sat down to wait.  They never looked up, never spoke to me, never even acknowledged I was in the room.  I thought to myself..."Ok, I guess I'm supposed to just wait."  And I did just that.....wait.

Remember the old sardine cans that had a key you used to open it up?  Well, as I sat there, I felt Someone opening me up.  And then this pure, liquid joy filled my entire being, and a language came out of me that was not of this world.  I don't know how long this took place, but when it was over, I got up, went outside and there was Kathy.  She knew what had happened.

Sometimes people forget how God uses them.  I don't want Kathy to ever forget how her friendship, love and godly life affected me.  We often talked about Jesus coming as we drove to work, and I remember once Kathy said...."Oh, Charlotte, I want Jesus to come, but I haven't even been married yet, and I want children, and......", her voice trailed off. 

I know Kathy has been blessed with all of those things and more....she is a Grandma!!!  I also know she has fought her battles and has won.  Her life touched me forever, and just the sight of her on Facebook fills me with joy.  I am so proud to call her my friend, my sister in Christ, and one who showed the love of Jesus to me.

Happy Birthday....sweet and precious friend!  I love you and count your life a true blessing to me!!